best indian jokes,

Magistrate: You were fined 100 money for hitting money20.

Pocketmar: I only have 20 bucks, sir. I can bring the rest of the money right away, but I have to leave for a while.

best indian jokes
best indian jokes

How do I work without lights?

Apu and Nas’s two friends work in the same office.

Apu: Guys, how long do I get leave? I got tired of working. But the boss will not leave at all.

Dancer: Hmmm. I’m too tired I will manage leave from my boss, do you want to check?

That’s why Nasser got up on the table and started hanging on a rod that came out of the ceiling. After a while the boss came.

Boss: What a dance! Why are you hanging

Nasser said in a very natural way, “Sir, I’m a light, so I’m hanging.”

The boss eyebrow looked up. He thought for a while, “Extra work pressure causes your brain to become deformed. You’d rather take a week off. ‘

Mookki laughed and looked away from the room.

Apu looked more than wanted. As soon as he got out of the snare, he followed Nasr.

Boss: What is that! I gave him a vacation! where are you going?

Sorry Subhash is not in the office

Big daddy heard the telephone, on the other hand a very old man is shaking his throat – Excuse me for calling your office Subhash a little?

Who said that? – The older father asked

I’m telling him – the answer came

The elder Babu seriously said – sorry Subhash is not in the office. She’s going to burn you.

Montu went to interview for a job as a driver. Interview going on –

Questioner: You liked me. You will be given the job. Starting salary will be two thousand taka. Do you have any problems?

Montu: No no sir, I have no problem. Starting salary is fine, but it seems like you need to know the driving salary.

On the first day of the new year, the owner says to the servant, ‘You did a great job last year. This is a check of Rs. If you can do such a good thing this year, I’ll sign the check next year! ‘

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(1)best indian jokes

In 1990 years.
The boy wanted a bicycle as a dowry in marriage.
2000 years.
The boy wanted a motorcycle as a dowry at the wedding.
General Chat Chat Lounge
General Chat Chat Lounge
General Chat Chat Lounge
2030 years.
There is talk between Ghatak and daughter’s father.
‘The boy has a crib …’
The girl’s father looked at her inquisitively.
‘The boy has to give 1 kg of onion. Son’s a long time hobby. ‘
‘5kg?’ The girl’s father fell from the sky.
‘Can’t be reduced a little? Give me a Toyota Corolla if need be. “
‘Nah brother. I did not say that the boy is a hobby many days.
The daughter’s father became Nimraji. Bumps of worry on the forehead.

Wedding day
As soon as Kazi started to marry, the boy’s father got up.
‘Stand up, Kazi. I understand the onion before. Marry later. ‘
Everyone stopped. Everyone is looking at each other.
The girl’s father brought home a market bag.
‘Brother, there are 5kg of onions here. I’ll be back next week. “
The boy’s father looked at him angrily. [Storm music in the background]
‘Nah. This will not be a marriage. This marriage would not be possible without two more kg of onions. ”So the boy’s parents started to move the girls from their seven-story house. ‘The income is kuddus. This will not be a marriage. ‘
Crying in the Andarmahal.
The girl came to the room. Water in the eyes.
Chowdhury sir, do people think of greed for onions? Remember, having an onion doesn’t make it any bigger. To be a great person, you need a beautiful Facebook account. Which you don’t have. get out. I’m giving the status right now. ‘
Kuddus stood up. His eyes are opened. This girl is her Facebook friend again. Giving status on Facebook will be a scam. ‘No father. This marriage will happen. The onion has blinded you, father. ‘

The wedding is finally over. Tarabatti in the sky.

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(2)best indian jokes

Babu has come to deliver his girlfriend home at night. Standing at the wall next to the door, she said, “Give me a kiss.” What? Are you crazy? Don’t stand here or not! “Hey no one will see. Come, have a kiss. – Khamoka does not do that! Wiping his eyes, he said, ‘Father, my father said, kiss me, or else I kiss, or father will come down and kiss the man.
But let your friend remove his hand from the intercom because of Allah. ‘

(3)best indian jokes

The conductor said when he saw one of the children standing in front of the bus door on the bus… “Why are you always standing in front of the door !! Your father was a guard? “
Pichi: Hey and you were always asking for money, was your father a fakir ??

(4)best indian jokes

Ratan had four sons. The boys’ names were also strange. Rinse, smell, odor and moita. Once Ratan’s friend came home to visit. His friend had to work hard to come to the village. The friend was very hungry and demanded food immediately.
Ratan: Take some time, cook the Polao Korma.
The friend said: Hey they don’t need it, give it what it has.
Ratan then called his sons: rotten, bring rice. Bassie, bring the swords.
The friend said, “Well friend, I will not eat.”
Ratan: I have come to you so hard to eat you? Smell, bring the pulses. Mita, bring water! A friend grabbed the leg and apologized for the race.

(5)best indian jokes

১. A girl tells her boyfriend “If you give me a kiss, I’ll be yours for the rest of my life” B 🙂
Lover in reply: Thanks for the warning…. I hope I never make that mistake

  1. Patient: Can I read A B C D when the doctor reads these glasses ??
    Doctor: Yes of course you can
    Rogi: If you give me glasses … let’s see who this time is fooling me
    ৩. Single person’s conversation with a married person:
    Married person: It is ridiculous to compare Love Marriage and Arrange Marriage |
    Unmarried person: Why ??
    Married person: Because it’s a comparison between suicide and murder
    ৪. One of the girls went to the class to take classes, unfortunately his pants chain was open
    So the girls started laughing
    At that, Sir became angry and said, “If I smile, I will stand out.”
    ৫. One guy was waiting for the bus, he saw two bus delays and bought 2 bananas. The bus came to an end after eating a banana. The man put the other banana in his pocket and got on the bus … After a while he started to see with his hand whether the banana was okay or not. A little later, the man next to him tells him that brother leaves this bar. I’ll go down: – &: – &
    Grandson: Grandpa, how do you quit eating bidi ??
    Grandfather: This is the greatest power of desire
    Grandson: How do you quit drinking alcohol?
    Grandfather: This is the greatest power of desire
    Grandson this time brave: Grandpa you do not go with the girl at the dance bar: – *: – * How does the wolf go? What is this… ..
    Grandpa: Hey Nare, there was a desire but no power
    The newly married public is talking to his friend before leaving the house:
    Bride: What do you say to the bride first when I enter the friend’s house ??
    Friend: Firstly praise her as: I have never seen two more like you….
    Groom: Okay so I go inside
    The groom went to the door of the house and returned to his friend
    Bride: What do you say after that ???
    Friend: Then hug the wife and say “I LOVE U”
    Groom: (wide nervous) You are right … I go in
    But he went to the door again and returned to the friend
    Bride: Then what should I say ?? )
    Friend: (angry) What else do you have to say… .. do a job you are staying .. I go home
    One guy went to buy a shoe… .. !!!!
    Shopkeeper: How many number of shoes do you need?
    Buyer: Number 1
    Shopkeeper: You think well before you buy
    Source: Internet
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best indian jokes

best indian jokes
best indian jokes


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