In India, elder brother’s wife is called sister-in-law. Big brother can be anyone. Like – your real elder brother or any other relative or friend older than you. The word Bhabhi is used by Amuman people to address women older than him.

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In the in-laws, the girl has a very cute and naughty relationship with her brother-in-law. The brother-in-law is dear to her. Sister-in-law caresses her dearly and takes great care of her. Therefore, sister-in-law also contributes a lot in the marriage of a brother-in-law. After all, he too has a desire to bring his own conscience. He has many hopes from his devotion. So she is very interested in Dewar’s wedding.

The sister-in-law should keep in mind the following things in her marriage.

  1. Because the sister-in-law loves the brother-in-law, he should know the mind of the brother-in-law. Bhabhi asked the brother-in-law if he does not like any girl already. If the brother-in-law already likes someone, he should help him. He should take information about the girl and decide things. After knowing all the things, sister-in-law got married to her favorite girl.
  2. If the brother-in-law does not like it already, it is the responsibility of the sister-in-law to see a good girl for the brother-in-law. Find a girl who can keep her brother-in-law happy.
  3. When the marriage is fixed, the sister-in-law also has a big contribution in the preparation of the marriage. Therefore, sister-in-law should meet the girl and know her choice and shop accordingly.
  4. In the marriage of a brother-in-law, sister-in-law also has a big contribution in the preparation of the house. Such as decoration, food, guests care, etc. In the song and music celebrations also, the sister prepares very happily. So the sister-in-law has a very important role in the marriage of Dewar. Therefore, it is important to take care of the above. If you too are getting married to your brother-in-law, you can consult the Womaniya community.

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Generally, the relationship of sister-in-law is viewed negatively, but it is not necessary that in this relationship there is jealousy and competition against each other. If your brother is going to get married and a sister-in-law is going to come to your house, then you can get many benefits from the sister-in-law. Come, know how your life can be easier with the arrival of sister-in-law.

1 Your sister-in-law can also prove to be your best friend. You can do all those things with a particular friend like walking, watching movies, going to night out, shopping etc. And your parents will not have any problem in fulfilling their hobbies with them.
2 If you do not have a sister, then you can also understand that with the arrival of sister-in-law, the lack of a sister is fulfilled.

Any thing in your mind like if you are in a relationship with someone or have a career dilemma, in such a situation, you can share anything freely with your sister-in-law. As a member of the household and knowing your nature well, she will give you the right advice.
4 If your brother is fighting with you, then by telling your sister-in-law, you can get your brother to agree.

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