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delhi gay whatsapp number

Name:- Rock roy
Location:- Delhi
WhatsApp number:- 6343214560
Age:- 25

Name:- Anis khan
Location:- Delhi
WhatsApp number:- 7654890765
Age:- 32

delhi gay whatsapp number
delhi gay whatsapp number

Name:- Simony roy
Location:- Delhi
WhatsApp number:- 6543789087
Age:- 27
Name:- Supine
Location:- Delhi
WhatsApp number:- 7654780987

Name:- Rikina mondal
Location:- Delhi
Age:- 25
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Name:- Koushik bala
Location:- Delhi
Age:- 29
WhatsApp number:- 7321456789

Name:- sourav lifd
Location:- Delhi
Age:- 28
WhatsApp number:- 7689087657

Name:- anis
Location:- Delhi
Age:- 27
WhatsApp number:- 7453274709

Name:- sumiya
Age:- 30
Location:- Delhi
WhatsApp number:- 6321509876


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Avoid those ‘knowledgeable’ men who make some permanent assumptions about girls and then get involved in propagating those shagoofs. What girls think, what they want, how they laugh, what they eat and drink, the contract is the responsibility of everyone. Regarding girls, boys and girls themselves take this ‘stereotype’ in their mind and start thinking of it as a stone streak. Baba Tintin, the lover of lovers, believes that this baggage needs to be left behind in the new era.

These 16 misconceptions boys have about girls

  1. Speak a lot Dude: If you think that every girl is going to speak, then it only means that you have not been raised by girls who keep quiet or speak a balanced amount. There are also girls who know when, where and how much they have to say.
  2. Replay of makeup: Girls are teased even after seeing their moon-like appearance repeatedly. But there are many such girls, who without their make-up smile, have the ability to give coolness like rain even in hard sunlight.
  3. Come Sister Chugli: Hanging from the balcony of the houses or in the middle class, often girls are seen discussing social issues, which the world has named Chugli. In such a situation, we should not forget even those girls who keep their sorrows in mind.
  4. Hands tight in politics: After Alia Bhatt’s immense success of not knowing the name of the President, even before, girls are considered tight in politics. But at such a time, we forget the understanding of Malala Yousafzai and the speech given by Yugratna Srivastava of Lucknow School in the United Nations on the Green Climate.
  5. Shopping, Shopping, Shopping: Shopping is understood to be the biggest need for girls with boyfriends to reduce tension. Shopping bags are attached to their identity, hanging like a bag of ration in the hands of girls. But keeping a hand on the heart, the boys also have to remember that some girl must have bought the sweetest shirt and jeans for them.
  6. Loop in driving: People who take inspiration from Dhoom films do not consider girls to be better at driving. But in such a situation, we forget the space travel of Sunita Williams and Kalpana Chawla.
  7. Time to decorate: The entire moon is also seen after 30 days. But the minor world takes three to four hours to prepare for girls, and the world sees more time to decorate. But due to the beauty of the same girls, no one adds their friends to their family.
  8. It is important for the girl to be a cook: the way of the man’s heart passes through the stomach and if the girl has to do the work of reaching the heart, then it is necessary to cook it. If the girl does not know how to cook, it is counted among her childhood mistakes. But the boys do not think that apart from Maggie, they also know how to make something.
  9. Pink means girl: Those who see pink cheeks with pink dress believe that the favorite color of girls is pink. Hindi films and Archies Gallery contribute a lot to it. But in pink color, you see your sweetie in a beautiful black dress and also drool.
  10. Plenty of weeping: There is a connection of beauty and sentimentality. Perhaps this is why it is said about most girls that girls cry a lot. And if the same crying girl says to break the relationship, the boys themselves shed tears like Nirupa Roy.
  11. Poor to propose: Boys are responsible for expressing love. The most commonly stated statement of girls is how girls can propose. One should also pay attention to the fact that once you propose, the girls do the job of running the relationship for a long time and facing persistence like a child.
  12. Golgappa, chatter-patter: The fun of life is in sour and in this way most girls are seen enjoying life with sourness. These believers forget that taste of their own tongue, when they enter the wedding pandals, they pick up the Golgappa, Bhalla leaf.
  13. I Love This Taddy, Chocolate: Every girl likes to have a taddy like a mother-in-law’s grandmother by sticking it around her neck. Now, the boy has started saying to Gath that taddy and chocolate are the way to make a girl happy. But forget the centerfresh that you eat after smoking cigarettes.
  14. Today’s Cash Tomorrow Lending: Girls avoid paying bills in hotels, restaurants. Because of which the entire weight falls on the male side, if you think so too, then move towards your house, when you ask for money from your sister or best friend. If girls save money, they give it to you.
  15. Love not money: I do not want love money. It is said about girls that all girls have to marry only boys with money. In such a situation, my only question to the boys below BPL is whether you also do not want a job in a good package.
  16. Nonwave Jokes: Girls do not like nonwave jokes and many boys start thinking of nonwave jokes as their property and believe that girls are very fragile. But know that boys are not only entitled to non-jokes, some girls also like non-veg jokes.



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