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Girlfriend WhatsApp number list:-

Name:- Sumana ley
Stutas:- Signal
Location:- Delhi
WhatsApp number:- 6432267990

Name:- Reya mondal
Stutas:- Singal
Location:- kolkata
WhatsApp number:- 7454321680

Name:- sunile
Stutas:- Singal
Location:- Mumbai
WhatsApp number:- 6786543210

Name:- paro
Stutas:- Singal
Location:- India
WhatsApp number:- 6586432750

Name:- Reya mondal
Stutas:- Singal
Location:- Punjabi
WhatsApp number:- 9876535670

Name:- puja
Stutas:- singal
WhatsApp number:- 6543330798
Location:- Gujarat

Name:- sumana
Stuts:- Singal
Location:- kolkata
WhatsApp number:- 6543797865

Name:- mumpy bala
Stuts:- singal
Location:- up
WhatsApp number:- 7653896098

Name:- suja
Stuts:- Singal
Location:- Delhi
WhatsApp number:- 7655386409

Name:- Reya mondal
Stuts:- singal
Location:- Mumbai
WhatsApp number:- 6543218906

Name:- Anita
Stuts:- singal
Location:- Bihar
WhatsApp number:- 7432180758

Name:- Sujata
Stutas:- singal
Location:- Rajasthan
WhatsApp number:- 6543217860

Name:- rakhi
Stutas:- Singal
WhatsApp number:- 7654375509
Location:- Mumbai

Name:- puja
Stuts:- 6542644709
Stutas:- Singal
WhatsApp number:- 7538643865

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After the relationship is over, a big question is often whether friends can still stay with their former partner. It depends on you, your partner and the circumstances that led to the break up. What was right in your friend’s case is not necessarily true in your case. Therefore, as there is no definite formula for this decision. Listen to your heart.
Reasons You Don’t Want to Befriend Your Ex-Partner
● Your relationship with your partner was violent and you do not want to have any relationship with them. You doubt that they can follow you and you want to avoid going through the same pain again.

● Your partner did something unforgivable. Probably lied to you or betrayed you and lost your trust forever.

● You are still recovering from the pain of a broken relationship and any contact with them will harm your mission.

● You do not trust yourself and you feel that on meeting again you will probably be weak and give the relationship another chance and will be sad again.

● You still have love for your former partner and you will be sad to see them as friends.

Tips on keeping a former partner your friend
Give yourself some time after relationship breakup. Do not hurry to befriend your former partner. It is possible that the bitterness of the relationship has still not come out of your mind and that bitterness will not allow this friendship to flourish. Take the initiative of friendship only when all the bitterness has gone out of your mind.

● Do not try too much. If your ex-partner is not interested in this friendship, then leave it on her.

● Understand your expectations. It should be clear in your mind what is the purpose of friendship with your former partner. Are you really making friends or are you doing this to get close to them again on the pretext of friendship?

● Do not rush. It is not so easy to become a friend of the person with whom you have a deep connection. Begin by calling or sending a mobile message on his birthday. And slowly, when you become comfortable, then take the initiative of friendship.

  Love or love is a feeling. What happens with the mind, not with the heart, is love. Many emotions, which involve different thoughts !, is a mixture of attitude which karta is slowly moving from mutual affection to happiness. It is a strong attraction and a sense of personal connectedness that inspires everyone to forget and go with him. It can also be considered as a way of presenting one’s compassion, feeling and affection. The examples of which mothers and fathers are said to act affectionately towards oneself, or towards an animal, or towards a human being, is called love. True love is that which is with you in all circumstances, support you and your happiness in sadness, saying that if love happens then our life changes but life changes or not, it is human’s Depends on above Love definitely changes a person Love does not only mean that we are always with him, love should not end even if we are away from each other. No matter how far away

The word “love” is a word that makes us feel good just after hearing its name, in the word love there is a feeling that we never want to lose. This word has such positive energy that gives us mental and inner happiness. Sometimes trouble is also due

The ancient Greeks recognized four types of love: kinship, friendship, romantic desire, and divine love. Love is often compared with lust and weighed with romantic adultery as a reciprocal relationship; love is also weighed with friendship. Love is generally a feeling that one person feels towards another person.

Love is a chemical because it is not a yantra, but a solution, of the seer and the vision. Only the scenes of beauty merge into the sight of the seer, and this state is the state of love. The process of origin and stimulation of love and beauty starts from the beginning. Beauty affects a person’s personality, and love resides in that beauty. There is attachment in love. If there is no attachment, then love becomes devotion rather than love. Love is the stage between fascination and devotion.

There are seven stages of love between a man and a woman and there are seven stages of ending love. Seven stages of love; first attraction; second; Seven stages of love ending first don’t like each other’s thoughts and actions, second fights third hating fourth Fourth becoming distance from each other thinking to end the Panchwa relationship Sixth striving for separation The seventh separation.

The mood of lover and girlfriend or love and separation is same.

But some marriages cannot be separated because their soul is one who is one from within, they cannot separate from outside.

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girlfriend whatsapp number:-
girlfriend whatsapp number:-

Love is to wish that others are happy and also because of that happiness. It is based on understanding that everyone wants the same way, so it is universal and unrestricted. It also includes the quality of being responsive to all and contributing to their happiness. This love can be shared equally among all, irrespective of their relation with anyone, or they have done anything and it does not expect anything in return. In Buddhism, love is the greatest source of happiness.

Love vs attachment
Many other emotions are often associated with love. In a state of distorted attachment, we exaggerate someone’s virtues – whether real or imaginary – and deny their shortcomings.

True love is the desire to maintain the happiness of all beings in a transparent way, whether we like them or not. – Yongzin Ling Rinpoche
In Buddhism, love involves a sense of closeness with other beings. But it does not depend on whether they love us or care for us or not. Therefore, he is not dependent on anyone. The love that is attached and relative is unstable. If our love-character works to hurt us, then it is possible that we stop loving him. Just see how many marital relationships begin with love and end in separation. But when we become sleepless, nothing can distract us. Just as parents always love their devil child and want the best for him. After developing lasting love, we get such power that we also play with those who are the biggest challenge. It requires practice but we all have that ability.

Love yourself
There is a dimension of universal love that is often neglected – it is necessary to love oneself too – not in a self-centered, self-obsessed form, but for its short-term and long-term well-being. We may not like some self-destructive dimensions of our personality, but that does not mean that we want to see ourselves unhappy – which is the exact opposite of love. It is natural that we want to see ourselves happy.

When we target love for ourselves, it is not that we are seeking something that can satisfy our craving for pleasure and entertainment. The little pleasure we get from such things is unstable and leaves us unhappy in our desire for more. If we truly love ourselves, we will seek true lasting happiness, not fleeting bliss. When we really start loving ourselves then only we will be able to truly love others.


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