What is Facebook. About information Facebook.

Do you know what Facebook is? There is hardly any online user who has not heard Facebook’s name before.

Many of us are Facebook users for many years, but even today there are people for whom this platform is completely new and unfamiliar. So it is important that they should be told about what is Facebook Messenger, what are its main features so that they can use it properly.

It is very important to know how Facebook works. Well, the simple answer is that its working is very simple which any user can understand. Any user who has a Facebook account can voluntarily connect with any user and can share content with them.

In this process, “Friend request” is sent by the user and which is later accepted by the receiver (recipient user). This friend request is like an invitation. This is a double-side feature that provides all users with this opportunity, so that they can accept friend request or not. It depends on them.

Since the beginning of Facebook, it has been growing all the time and more and more people are joining it. Apart from this, Facebook is always improving its mechanisms like privacy and content management so that the experience of the users is good. As of now, Facebook has more than 2.3 Billions registered Facebook users.

The reason for the increase in so many users are the great features of Facebook and also the pages that are constantly uploading quality content to Facebook. So today I thought, why not give people full information about what Facebook is and how to run Facebook so that all new and old users get to learn a lot from it. So let’s start without delay.

Facebook is a very popular and free social networking website. It allows its registered users to create profiles, upload photos and videos in them, send messages and stay in touch with their friends, family and colleagues. This site is absolutely free to use, and it is available in about 37 different languages ​​to use.

Facebook information in hindi

  1. Marketplace – By using this, members can post, read and respond to classified ads.
  2. Groups – Members of this group can interact with each other who share any common interests. In such groups, they can talk about common interest. These Groups are either public and then private. Everyone can join in public, only in private you can join only after getting invite.

   Events – They allow members to publicize an event, to invite guests, and to track who is going to attend.

  1. Pages – They allow one public page to be created and promoted around a specific topic to create and promote members.
  2. Technology’s presence – This allows members to see which of their contacts are online with whom they can chat. With this you can stream live video which is called Facebook Live. History of facebook – when did facebook start
    In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, who were then students at Harvard University, then designed a web site that students could use to stay in touch with each other, where they share all their photos So that we can meet and meet new people as well. He named this website, and it was also very popular at Harvard Campus at that time. He had created a website whose main intention was to create an online directory of all new students in the university. At that time the membership of this website was only with Harvard Students. But in a very short time, its popularity became so much that other college students also had to include it. At the same time, within 1 year, the total number of Facebook users reached 1 million. Later its membership became open to all those whose age is more than 13. According to Facebook’s Press Room, this social networking site has more than 100 million active users. Facebook is a privately owned company headquartered in Palo Alto, California, USA. Mark Zuckerberg, when he was 24 and a Harvard drop-out, was ranked 785 in Forbes magazine’s list of billionaires, then his net worth was approximately $ 1.5 billion. If you have not yet joined Facebook, then you must be feeling a bit different, because they will often use words like likes, posts, hashtags, updating status. But it is not a matter of sorrow because there are many terms and phrases which are used in ‘Language of Facebook’. By the way, all these words were previously used in dictionary, but now Facebook has changed the purpose of those words. Warning: These words can be a little confusing initially, but knowing about it once, you will not have any more trouble. Status Update: These are text based posts that can describe the mood of the user, along with thoughts, or any other thing you can share them with your friends. Timeline: It is like a page in all profile. Here you can share your information such as your pictures, basic information such as favorite books, entertainment shows, celebrity etc. News Feed: You can think of this combination of your status and timeline of your friends. News Feed shows you updates of your friends and whatever recent posts are Facebook pages or groups that you follow. This is where you spend the most time. Like: If you have liked a post, whether it is from a friend, or from a page or a group, you can like or dislike that post. With this you can directly reach those posts. If you enjoyed and want to reach on the profiles of your friends then you choose to Like or Dislike the post. Tag: In this you can mark your friends for any picture or status that you feel is relevant, which you want to upload in your timeline. These again appear in your friends’ timeline and also in their newsfeed. Apart from this, they also get a notification that they have been tagged by someone. If you want, you can also remove these tags or keep them. Notification: You can also call them Facebook update, where you will get to know about whom you interacted with or participated in any events and occasions in Facebook. In this, even if you react somewhere or comment someone, you still get a notification. How to run facebook
    Facebook is designed primarily for college students. Therefore its primary users are students only. So let’s now know about some basic features of facebook:
  3. It uses a profile picture for identity.
  4. There is contact information and About You space to increase your identity with each other.
  5. Wall – This is a place where your friends can post publicly comments (a digital bulletin board)
  6. Status update – This is a tab where you tell your friends about yourself and what you are doing.
  7. News Feed – There are regular information updates in this topic about your friends, groups that you joined, applications or friends that those people added, along with that if anyone changed anything in their profiles, then that feed I can see.
  8. This is a space that is used for uploading photos and videos. But Facebook has many other features that you can not see in any other social software sites, they are also customizable and you can add as many applications as you want. Along with this Facebook also adds many such features from time to time, which you can easily use in your profile. How to delete facebook account
    Let’s know today how you can delete Facebook account.
    Once you delete your Facebook account, it means that your account will be deleted forever. Then later, even after trying, you will not be able to bring it back, nor will you ever be able to open it. Whereas if you deactivate facebook account then it is temporary delete, while you can recover it from back. If you really want to delete Facebook account then click on this link below – Delete My Account: – Delete facebook Once you clicked on this link and confirmed for the deletion process, then your account will be deleted forever. Procedure to delete Facebook Account: –
    When you press delete link, you are asked for account password. At the same time, you will also be given information that if you do not log your ID for 14 days, then your account will be closed Permanently. At the same time, if you click on it, then your account will be closed immediately. Therefore, before clicking delete once before deleting, understand the thinking well. Note Whereas if you feel that you have deleted your account by mistake or in anger, then you can log back in with the same ID / Password within 14 days of deleting the account, you can start your account back. What is Social Networking and its types
    Social networking means setting up a network with other people using social media. That’s why social services take advantage of many social software tools to create online places where people can meet with each other, share photos and videos with each other, send messages, play games. And can do many things that most people like to do. Wikipedia has divided social networks into three primary types:
  9. Sites in which there is only one specific category directory. (Eg former classmates)
  10. Sites in which you can connect with your friends and fans (which often uses customizable profile pages)
  11. Sites that rely solely on recommender systems that are linked to trust (as happens in professional networking) Facebook comes in the second type of social networking services. What does waving on facebook mean?
    Facebook has a waving feature. It is used to start a conversation with a new person. In this, a user waves another user into the messenger, that means to wave a hand, to greet. This is a sign that you want to talk to them further. What does 1k mean on whatsapp facebook?
    If I talk about Whatsapp or Facebook, then 1k used in it means 1 thousand. Often we see 1k likes in a photo on Facebook, which means that 1 thousand people have liked that photo. Facebook and Networking
    Facebook is such a thing that you can use it as you like. This means that it can become a serious professional tool for you, a lover can be a place of joking, an entertainment place, or a combination of both. Ultimately, you have complete control in this, what would you like to add to your profile and with whom you want to share it. Facebook is a very valuable networking tool – as more and more “adult-users” are joining Facebook, then there is a possibility to connect with other similar professionals who have the same interest as you. With this, you can rise higher by helping one and the other. With this Facebook can become a very useful resource for staff in a large organization. With the help of applications such as Events, Photos and Videos, networks can communicate with each other more easily which is much easier than email. Many professional and academic organizations are also present in Facebook and they play different roles according to their types in Facebook. While some target only individuals, some target a large community, some are location specific and some are event specific. Facebook helps to expand awareness of your networking opportunities. As soon as a Facebook friend joins groups and declare that he is a fan of that organization, then you do this, you will get notification through Facebook News Feed. With this, you can search those people and groups who share the same interest as you. Discussion There are other applications in Boards, Walls and such like in Facebook which provide you a lot of opportunity to share. Facebook and Fun
    Facebook is full of many fun things like many different types of games, videos, links, apps. It has to be believed that due to the social nature of Facebook, I have a lot of applications when they are used with friends. If you ever feel that a friend has invited you to play the game, then you can ignore it. With this your response will not be shared with your friends. Like, you can also block all the applications that you don’t like. Always remember one thing that the use of Facebook is different for all people. While some use it for networking, some for socializing and some for academic. Some do it just for fun activities. Therefore we should respect all choices and use them as we feel right. What did you teach today?
    I hope I have given you complete information about what is Facebook and I hope you have understood about how to run Facebook. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments. With these ideas, you will get a chance to learn something and improve something.

What is tik tok. Some information about tik tok.

Wherever you look at TikTok TikTok, you will find Tic Talk videos and the creators of TikTok easily in all places. This TikTok: Video Sharing App has become popular in a very short time.

While the video website was dominated by YouTube and Facebook only some time back, the popularity of video sharing apps like TikTok and Like App has seen a significant decrease in their popularity.

This new entertainment app is very appealing to the people. Therefore, there are several million users of TikTok App only in India. At the same time, it has so many great features that you can make a very creative video within a few seconds.

At the same time, there are many people who do not know about it. So today I thought, why don’t you people know what is TikTok, how to make a video on Tick Talk and its complete history and many other important information like this, you will get to read the information about this article Tik Talk. Then let’s start without delay.

Tick ​​Talk is a short-form, video-sharing app that allows users to create 15-second videos on any topic.

TikTok is a Social Media Video App that is available on both iOS and Android platforms. By using this video app, you can make videos with many short lip-sync, comedy, and talent. You can share them on other social media platforms.

TikTok also maintains its own separate app for the Chinese market, called Duyin, which has more than 300 million active monthly users Mezhud. This new app’s logo is a combination of and Duyin logos.

When and who made Tick Talk?
TikTok was launched by ByteDance in 2017, also outside China.

Where is the Tick Talk app used?
TikTok – is a free social media app of Real Short Videos using which you can view, create, and share videos. In this, you will get a soundtrack of all top hits music, that too on your phone.

Although it was previously known as, when it was rebranded, due to which two apps merge in August 2018, it was known as TikTok.

Who owns Tick Talk?
TikTok owns ByteDance. Which is also a $ 75 billion Chinese tech giant.

ByteDance owns it with the short video app TikTok, they also have a news aggregator service called Toutiao.

Tick ​​Talk in Hindi (History)
Bytedance purchased on 9 November 2017, for which he had to pay nearly $ 1 billion. Since was already very popular in the US, TikTok found this a great opportunity to expand their business outside of China.

He merged the two existing accounts into a single app of both the programs and named it TikTok.

The original Chinese version of TikTok is Douyin, which is still kept as a separate app exclusively for China. Douyin also has a very large user base which is around 300 million monthly active users.

TikTok’s core business is the same as, where users upload and share 15-second videos, which are soundtracked by music clips.

How to download tick talk
If you want to use TikTik App, then first you have to download it. So let’s know how to download TikTok App: –

  1. Download App – First of all download the TikTok App. TikTok Android App – Link
    TikTok iOS App – Link
  2. Install App – Download and install the app.
  3. Open App – Now you can open the app and use it. What makes TikTok so popular?
    Ever since TikTok was launched, its popularity has been increasing day by day. How to make money with Tik Tok
    In October 2018, it was one of the most downloaded apps of the Apple Store. According to some reports, TikTok’s user base is more than 130 million in recent times. Let us now know what is the reason that TikTok is becoming so popular so soon. Doing Celebrity Endorsements
    This app was liked and used by many celebrities. At the same time, many celebrities also used it to promote their films, due to which the popularity of this app increased to a great extent. At the same time, this app has seen many paid partnerships with many celebrities, also in many different areas, who have promoted this app with local audiences. At the same time some celebrities started doing challenges in this app, which people appreciated a lot. I think Celebrity Partnerships was a very effective decision that helped TikTok’s geographical expansion strategy to go well. Along with the celebrites, Influencers also helped a lot in popularizing it. Having localized content
    Another big reason is that the TikTok app is so popular, that even though it is a global app, it also has a strong focus on localized content. This app often runs local contests and challenges, which capture local trends, while they use localized hashtags for this. TikTok runs such contests in between, in which creators are asked to make good and interesting videos. At the same time, she organizes and rewards the top 10 creators among them. This provides a great opportunity to earn a name among creators. Making content creation, sharing them is very easy
    The TikTop app has made video creation and sharing much easier for the convenience of users. So that even a non-technical person can run it easily. Now users can easily record anything in their routine and can post it immediately. Since there are short videos in it, neither video-creation is difficult nor do viewers feel hurt or bored in watching them. At the same time, its AI has been developed in such a way that you will see only the videos in which you are interested. Meaning that showing videos depends on your searches. How to create a tick talk account?
    Once you have installed TikTok App in your SmartPhone, then you have to create an account to use it. Now the question arises that how do you create an account in TikTok App? Then let’s know how to create a TikTok Account by following a simple process.
  4. Open the app
    You have to open TikTok App first.
  5. Tap on Profile
    Now in this, you can finally see the option of Profile on which you will have to tap.
  6. Now Create Account
    Now you can create your account in it. In which you can create an account with your phone number or your Email Id, or if you want, you can also create an account with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Account.
  7. Sign up on Account
    The easiest way is to create an account using your phone number and email. So to do this, you have to click on Sign Up With Phone or Email
  8. Enter Phone Number / Email
    In this, you have to keep the phone with you beforehand, while remembering the email also. To create an account, you may also need an email along with a phone number. When you enter your number, you can get a verification code that you will have to enter here.
  9. Then Enter Password
    At the end of the process of creating an account, you have to enter a password for your account. After doing this, your account is ready. Now you can use it to create Short Video. How to use Tik Talk – How to Use TikTok
    If you too are completely new in using TikTok App, then you must have also been having many questions in your mind that how to use this tiktok app. But there is nothing to worry, because here I will provide you with information about some things that will make it easier to use Tiktok app.
  10. HOME: As soon as you open the Tik Tok App, then immediately you will see the main two options. One is the following and the other is Follow Me. If you click on the following, then you will see videos of creators that you are following.
    Whereas if you click on Follow Me, then only the videos you have made will appear in front of you.
  11. SEARCH: In this also you get the option to search like another social app, with the help of which you can find a creator or a user, just you have to search its name or hashtag.
  12. PLUS BUTTON: You can see this button somewhere in the middle, by clicking on it you can record your videos and upload them later.
  13. NOTIFICATION: This is an informational option or notification icon. It makes you know who liked or commented on your video, who followed you, etc.
  14. PROFILE: This is your profile section, in which you see all the information about yourself, you can change them if you want. How to make a tick talk video – how to make tiktok video in hindi
    Now that you know what the TikTok App is, where to download this app, etc. Now finally comes how you can make a video using it. By the way, making video on TikTok is quite easy, that is why it has got the most popularity in such a short time. In this, you have to choose a good music and you have to use your talent to make a good video, so that people will find it interesting and they can also be entertained. 1- Once you open the app, you will see a button of + in the bottom, while you have to click in it. 2- Then you have to select a sound for which you have to click Pick a Sound on the screen. 3- Now you will see many sounds, or a playlist of them, from which you have to choose a favorite song for yourself (you can listen to it before using it), or you can click on My Sound and click on your mobile You can choose the song only. You can also give your own voice. 4- Now you can see many options on the right side of the screen in front of you in Motion (you can use it to slow and fasten the video), Filters, Countdown, Beauty mode, Effects etc. All these options have their own functions. You can choose whatever you need. Not only video, you can also make changes in audion like to trim them. 5- Now comes the turn to record video, for this you can easily make a video from 3 to 15 second by clicking on the video button. 6- Now comes the final stage of video, here once you have recorded the video, you can make all the necessary changes in it. As you can add special effects, you can change the audio. Once you have done this, you have to put a Title and Hastag for the video, then you can publish it. Once you have published your video, then you can share it on different social media platforms. So that your video can reach as many people as possible. TikTok vs Musically
    Tik Tok was formerly known as It is a social media platform that is used to create, share and discover short music videos. Where previously used to express themselves by singing songs. By dancing, doing comedy and lip-syncing together. At the same time, this app is now known by the name of TikTok. It uses a completely new logo, while it also has all the same features that were in and also gives users the opportunity to record short 15-second videos, which they later share with the community. can do. You can tell TikTok better than because in this you will get to see the best features of both apps. Why is tick talk banned
    Recently, TikTok was banned in India (India) in July 2019. The TikTok App was removed from the Google Play Store and Apple Store following an order from the Madras High Court. Due to which the TikTok company suffered a lot. The main reason for this was that many users were using this platform and sharing 18+ content. Which was completely illegal to do. But now this ban has been completely removed. At the same time, you will see the TikTok App again in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. TikTok’s future
    The current popularity of TikTok is very surprising, but there is no guarantee that it is going to remain like this. Because many social media sites came which were initially very popular but later they were not as effective as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook. Therefore, if it also needs to create a separate identity of its own, then it will have to constantly innovate itself and simultaneously engage its user base in new things. At the same time, they will have to make this platform more marketing-friendly for brands so that they can establish this app on the basis of a social network. Right now the way tiktok is working, it is right, while if they can capitalize it by doing brand engagements, then in this way it can also compete with other social media platforms later. what did you learn today
    I hope you have liked this article, What is TikTok in Hindi. It has always been my endeavor to provide the readers with complete information about how to make a tick talk video, so that they do not have to search in other sites or internet in the context of that article. This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments. On the same comment, you can also tell us about your favorite tiktok contents.

What is youtube. How to earn money from YouTube.

You might have heard the stories of ordinary people earning on YouTube and thought “Hey, I can do this too!” Although earning thousands is not real, you can start earning money quickly, especially when your subscriber base is strong. Follow this guide to monetize your video and start making money from those YouTube ads. this is easy!

Create Your YouTube Channel: Your channel is your personal presence on YouTube. There is a channel associated with each YouTube account. YouTube account is similar to a Google account, and after creating your YouTube account you will be able to use other Google products like Gmail and Drive.
Create your new account or use your existing account. Add keywords to help people find your channel. You can add keywords by navigating to the Advanced section of your channel settings. Make sure that your keywords fit the content of your channel.
Your username can work in your interest as well as against you. If it is small, easy to remember and real, then people will be easy to remember you. However, if you are using an existing account, then use it only. Changing your accounts will not help you.

Upload a video on YouTube: Try to upload videos that are of good quality and not too long. (This option may vary depending on what type of content you decide to upload) Also try to upload regularly and be consistent with your upload.
Even if your content is not very good in the beginning, stick with it. Practice makes perfect. Try to make each video better than the previous one. Often you learn by working.
Improve your content with the help of a better camera or better editing software or technology. Also, improve the way things are filmed. Use a tripod, seek the help of a friend or publish your scenes well. All this helps for a better end product, which helps you to get a better audience.
By regularly uploading you can keep a hold on your audience. If you put content on regular time and keep that schedule as regular as possible, then people are more likely to subscribe.
Make sure that you have tagged your video with keywords that describe your subject matter correctly and have also written an attractive description in it. With this help people will be able to access your videos in YouTube searches.

Increase your subscribers: Subscribers are important to increase your monetization. You need people to see your advertisement so that you can earn money from it. There is no one secret to getting more subscribers, just make the best content as you can and the audience will come automatically.
Keep uploading your video and try to attract people to watch it. Put your videos on Twitter and Facebook. Share this with people. Share it anywhere else on the Internet. All members are required to become a partner.
Interact with your audience by commenting on their comments and sometimes make videos directly related to their comments and questions. Connecting with your community will bring more members to that community

Earn from your video: To start making money on your video, you will need to enable monetization. This means that you are allowing YouTube to place advertisements in your videos. By this you also agree that there is no copyrighted material in your video.
You can monetize a video after uploading by clicking on the Monetization tab and then selecting the “Monetize with Ads” box.
To earn from your video, after it is uploaded, open your video manager and click on the “$” sign next to the video from which you want to earn money. Tick ​​the box “Monetize with Ads”.
Click on the channel and enable monetization.

Fulfill the conditions: To make money from YouTube, your channel should have at least 4,000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in the last 12 months.
As soon as you upload the video, you can monetize the video by going to the Monetization tab and clicking on the “Monetize with Ads” box.
To monetize the video after uploading, open the video manager and click on the “$” sign in front of the video you want to monetize.

Setup Google Adsense: You can setup Google Adsense for free by visiting the Adsense website. Click on the “Sign up now” button to start creating your account. You must be 18 years or older to create your account. If you are younger than that, then you will need an adult to help you.
You will need PayPal or a bank account and a valid mailing address as well as some other information so that Adsense can ensure who you are and whom to send money to. You earn money when the ad is clicked and every view gets a small amount, but it keeps increasing over time. That is why having an audience is a main requirement.

Check your analytics. Once your videos are online, monetized and viewed, you can check analytics to know their performance. Click the Analytics option in your channel menu. Here you can see your estimated revenue, ad performance, video views, demographics etc.
Using these tools, you can see how your content is impacting the audience. If you feel that you are not able to attract the right audience, then you can change your subject Vastu or marketing.

Advertise Your Video Elsewhere: Don’t just put your video on YouTube! Start a blog, create a website or post your videos on other videos or social media sites. The more views it gets, the better. By sharing the link or embedding your video on the internet, you are increasing the chances of its appearing and also to earn your money.

Become a YouTube Partner: YouTube Partners are YouTube members who have monetized videos with a large number of viewers. Partners get access to more content creation tools and can win prizes for their viewership. Partners have access to more community support and suggestions.
You can request a YouTube partnership page at any time from the YouTube partner page. To gain access to the most powerful partner program, you need 15,000 cumulative watch hours for your channel in the last 90 days.


What is Google. How it’s work .

How many of you know what Google is. If you go back 15 to 20 years from today, then there was internet but then there was a lot of lack of information. Information was with the people but it was not so much in the net. Today, if you search a lot in the net, then like 10 to 15 years ago people used to get information in books, or by asking someone else.

But it was very much a problem to ask people to get information, in that way, there was some website along with it, but which information is right in any website, or quickly get any information as it was a problem.

At the same time, two young boys took a solution to this problem and it was solved through Google and those boys were cones. What is Google, who has created it and how Google was launched, I will give you some more information, so let’s start.

Google is the world’s largest search engine. You will search for anything in it, you will surely find it. Everyone thinks this in general but the answer does not end here. The correct answer is “It is a Multinational Company, along with Search Engine and some other businesses like Internet Analytics, Cloud Computing also provides services.

For example, you use Google drive, advertising service, application (the application you download from the play store), it has its own browser called Chrome, and its own operating system (Android), all of them Google makes its income.

In 2016, it showed its interest over the mobile industry and brought a new mobile called Google Pixel which was popular in the market. Along with this, Map, e-mail and more than 20 products are in the world, about which I will tell you further today.

If you know about the income of this company, then your hoses will blow, yet know that it earns $ 1 Million US Dollars in a day and means around Rs 6,85,22,50,000. Would you like to know what is the history of Google, then let’s know.

How was the name Google chosen?
Inspired by the words googol in the book Mathematics and Imagination written by Edward Kasner and James Newman, Larry Page and Sergey Brian chose the name of their search engine. Googol means 100 zero behind 1.

History of Google – History of Google in Hindi
Well today, Google is an Arbo Trillion company, which has made its own place in Oxford Dictionary, which is a verb.

Who searched google?
But two PHD students were involved in making it, namely Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who were students of Stanford University, California, they met there in 1995 and this search engine was introduced to them.

In 1996, while Sergey Brin and Larry Page were studying PHD, they thought of doing something different in their reSearch project of PHD and thought “If we rank the website by comparing it with other websites, it would be very good, at that time The way to rank them was this, the number of times a search was done, they would rank in that webpage accordingly and this is the form of Google today. In the beginning, he named it BACKRUB. “

In 1997, both gave the name of the search engine “Google” which is “googol” In reality, it is a mathematical Sabbath and Google is a strange truth made by miswriting this googol. googol means 100 zero behind 1.

Google’s first doodle homepage was created in 1998, but now Google changes more than 2000 doodle home pages all over the world, and in recent times there is a team of doodle.

Started AdWords in 2000, and is now the world’s largest service provider of Google Online Advertisement, which has made the big business successful. Text ad provides video ad and mobile ad and takes money in exchange for it.

On the day of 2004 April Fool, this company launched Gmail, with it also gave a lot of space to store Gmail data and is now giving more.

In 2004-05, Google bought a map maker Company Keyhole and nowadays this map company is known as Google Map, which can show 360 degree view through the way, information of new place and earth app. Sitting.

In 2006, this company bought a very special Video Sharing Website Youtube. In the current time, 60 hours of videos are being uploaded every one minute.

Purchased 2007 Android and it is the best operating system of current mobile device.

In 2008, its own browser chrome came into the market, officially launched on september 2 2008, it is one of the world’s favorite browser.

In 2011, before Larry Page became the new CEO of Google, Eric Schmid was the executive chairman of alphabet.

The Google+ project started in 2011, with a real-life sharing feature like facebook, twitter

In 2012 there was an update of android 4.1 jelly bean, Google nexus 7 tablet was launched.

July 9, 2012 Google Now and Google Voice Search Feature launched now it has become Google Assistant.

Google Glass Market Launched in 2013. In which you can run your mobile through glasses.

VR HEAD SET was launched in 2015, it has become very popular now.

In 2016, the Google Loon Project was launched, so that where the internet did not reach, the Internet was brought up there, and in the same year Google’s first mobile phone Pixel was launched.

The introduction of Google Home was also done in 2016, through which you can run all the electronic device lyrics at home, with this you can also know the answers of some questions.

In 2017, was launched in Google’s Google i / o where you will get AI Tools and with this Google Lens was also introduced, through which you can know by taking a photo of anyone, what is that ???

So it was Google’s history so far, even then it will continue to be seen by Google, see if something new will come.

Google Full Form in Hindi

Who owns Google?
The Google company is owned by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Who is the CEO of Google?
The CEO of Google is Sunder Pichai who is of Indian origin. It is indeed a matter of concern for us that an Indian is the CEO of the world’s largest internet company.

For your information, let me tell you that Sundar Pichai receives salary of around 1200-1300 crores every year.

Which country is Google company in?
Google is a US company based in its state of California. This question often comes in people’s mind. At the same time, many branches of Google are located in India, among them India.

Some more products from Google
Here you will know what is Google Products, about their work and what they use. We learn one by one.

Search – It is used by every internet user. With this, you can search for anything in Google.

Android – This is the world’s most used mobile OS. You will get to see this in every enemy’s hand.

Chrome Browser – A browser that is fast, simple and secure browser for all devices.

Blogger – You can create your own BLOG. This is absolutely free service where you can convey your thoughts to people.

ChromeOS – Operating System for Laptop and Computer

Gmail – electronic e-mail service. With this you can send your message in e-format.

Chromecast – With this you can easily stream movies, music and more from your phone to your TV.

Google+ – A social website was created by Google, but has stopped google.

Google Pay – Google Pay is now the easiest way to send your money anywhere.

Books – in which you will get a lot of books to read, also in e format.

Calendar – In which what you want to do during the day, meeting with someone, you can store all these details here. You can also share the event with your friend.

Contacts – To keep the addresses and numbers of your family and friends together. You can also synchronize them to any device.

Docs – This is used to open Microsoft Office Document online such as Word, xl, txt.

Google Drive – Where you can keep your data and you can download the data whenever you want.

Earth – Through this you can lion of the whole world sit at home.

Image – in which you can search any picture.

Keep – In this you can keep your thoughts like notes, lists and voice memos and can access them from anywhere.

Maps – This is an app in which you can search a place very easily and can also find a way to go.

Google Ads – Advertise people who are searching for your products.

AdSense – Monetize your contents with ads so that you can get the right price for it.

Analytics – With this you can see the insights of the customer, so that you can make your strategy.

Google My Business – Get your business info in front of people in Google Search and Maps.

Google Wifi – A fast signal that transmits the signal to your entire home.

Google Now – in which you can easily search any information like you do in Google, and it gives the same information about which you search.

Google Patents – You can search millions of patents in it.

Google Photos – This is the online place where you can place photos, videos. You can download whenever you want.

Google Allo – A smart messaging app that helps you to say more and do more.

Google Duo – A smart video calling app so you can make high-quality video calling in Android and iOS platform.

Google Translator – In which you can translate about 100 languages.

Wear OS – an OS that tracks each of your minuter so you stay fit, stay connected, stay ahead.

YouTube – This is a video sharing site, you will definitely find the video that you search in it.

This was some information about Google’s products.

Google founder – whose shares are more?
Now let us know how much share this company has in Google company, by the way, many people share with Google, but I will just tell the names of the three special people who have the maximum number of shares: –

  1. Larry Page – 27.4%
  2. Sergey Brin – 26.9%
  3. Eric Schmidt – 5.5% What is GOOGLE’s MISSION STATEMENT?
    Google’s mission statement is “Our mission is to organize the critical information and make it universally accessible and useful”. In Hindi: “Our aim is to organize all the information in the world smoothly and make it universally accessible and useful”. How does Google earn – How does Google earn in Hindi
    If you look carefully, you will find that Google does not charge you for most of its services. Be it GMail, Video Service like YouTube, or Google Search. You do not have to pay a single rupee to use these servies here. Now the question arises that when Google provides us all such free service then how does it earn its money? The thing to think is that despite giving so many countless services, how is Google number 1 in earning? The best answer to this is from Advertisement. Yes, you heard it right. Google has shown this clearly in one of its reports that more than 96% of their income is earned by advertisement only. Nearly 70% of the ads you see on Google or on all the websites or blogs you see in Google are generated by Google. Since Google is a very large search engine, about 1 Billion results are found in it. From this you can think about Google’s traffic. So the answer is that you are also the source of its earnings. Yes, I am going to explain how you go. Google is a very advertising company and its biggest product is you. 96% of its earning is through advertisement. Every day Google shows 1 billion results in the form of search queries to people all over the world. Along with this, it also shows several billion advertisements to people simultaneously. The secret of this is hidden in their working scale. In this, it is tracking your most online activities. So it shows you all the ads whose search you have done before. So there are more chances that you can buy those things by clicking on them. It only shows ads according to the interest of consumers. In such a situation, all the people who use Google Services become their products in a way. Which it proves helpful in selling to other companies. That’s why most compaines use google ads only for promotion of their products. Let’s take a look at how this advertisement or advertisiement service is provided. Google Ads / Adwords
    “Adwords” is an online advertising service of Google, where advertisers pay money and Google advertise their business to the right people. The special thing about Adwords is, you have to pay money only when the visitor takes an action on your business ad, it affects each other. Companies who want to spread their service to other people or to promote their products. They use these google ads or adwords. Here you have to provide all the necessary information to make your ads. So that your ads can reach targeted customers easily. At the same time, it is visible only to those people who are interested in those products. In such a situation, many compaines have to provide money to Google to provide this ads. Google Adsense
    AdSense is a Google product that displays advertisements for automatic text, image and video on a publisher’s website or blog. Here, Google uses its ads on publishers’ websites or blogs. For this, he shares with the publishers whatever he earns by clicking ads. Here Google maintains 55% of the amount, while 45% goes to the publisher’s account. In such advertisement money is taken as cost per thousand impression. Also, the publisher also gets some share in it. Google brings advertisers up to publishers while publishers also bring users to advertisers. In such a situation, Google works as a medium. How did Google become popular in India?
    The main reason behind Google being so popular in India is Jio. Yes, you have read it right. Since JIO provided free Internet data in the market and later on it is also providing internet at very low rates, so now people do not have to think much before browsing the internet to watch videos on YouTube. They can feel free to use it. There was a time when we had to depend on the Internet Cafe to do any Internet work. Which we used to charge money from our mind. But now the time has changed, now we do not need to go anywhere to use Internet. Now easily everyone is using Google for everything they need. Therefore, Google is probably better known by the name of Google Uncle, because it very easily answers any question asked by us. At the same time, its algorithms are so advanced that we get proper answers to our questions, while there is no need to search much. Day by day Google is bringing new services to its users. Every year it definitely brings some new service. That’s why Google is well covered not only in India but in the whole world

What is internet. How it’s work some information about internet.

The Internet network is called the web. Here all the networks are connected with each other. Now, if you are reading this post (what is called in Hindi in Hindi) using any device, you can also read it using internet. We have to use internet for almost everything.

Have you ever wondered what is the internet and who owns the internet or what are its advantages and disadvantages? To tell the truth, today’s world will not run without it even for a moment. From home to outside, everywhere you will find internet in one way or the other. It is very important to have knowledge about the thing that we use so much.

Before I tell you what the meaning of Internet is in Hindi, I want to tell you a few things. In today’s world, a person can eat without electricity, without sleeping, without eating, but without Internet, he cannot live at all.

By the way, you must be thinking this is a matter of saying, but this is the truth for today’s young generation, who look at it is engaged in mobile. If you ask him what you are doing, he will say “Internet”, then I will give you the answer to the same question, what is the Internet and will give some more information along with it. Keep reading this article from my internet what do you think. By the end of the article, you will have increased the store of knowledge. We claim this.

It is actually a very large network of interconnected networks and together they use standardized communication protocols to stay connected with each other.

This network is called media or Transmission media in the language of Internet. By the way, I will give a little more information and this web is a kind of wire, in which information and data keeps moving around the world. This data can be “text, image, mp3, video” out of all these, as much as they are searching on text, image, MP3, video Internet.

Internet Full Form
Internet’s full form is Interconnected Network. Which is actually a very large network of all Web Servers Worldwide. Therefore it is also called World Wide Web or simply the Web in many places.

This network includes many such private and public organizations, schools and colleges, research centers, hospitals as well as many servers all over the world.

An Internet is a collection of interconnected networks, ie network of networks. It is made all over the world by many interconnected gateways and routers being interconnected.

Who discovered the internet
It was not just a matter of one person being able to invent the Internet. Many scientists and engineers were needed to make it. At the time of COLD WAR in 1957, the US established the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) with the aim of creating a technology to connect one computer to another.

The agency established ARPANET in 1969. With which any computer could be connected to any computer.

By 1980, his name became Internet. Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn invented the TCP / IP protocol in the 1970s, and in 1972, Ray Tomlinson first introduced Email Network.

When did the Internet start?
The Internet started from January 1, 1983. When ARPANET adopted TCP / IP in January 1, 1983, and then researchers started to assemble them. At that time it was called “network of networks”, later in modern times it is known as Internet.

When did internet start in India?
Internet service was made publicly available in India on 14 August 1995 when it was launched by the state-owned Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL).

Definition of internet
The Internet is actually a global wide area network that connects computer systems around the world. It has many high-bandwidth data lines which are called the “backbone” of the Internet. These lines are connected with major Internet hubs that distribute data to other locations, such as web servers and ISPs.

Whereas if you want to connect with the Internet, then you should have access to an Internet service provider (ISP), which acts as a middleman between you and the Internet.

Most ISPs provide broadband Internet access via a cable, DSL, or fiber connection. When you connect with the Internet via a public Wi-Fi signal, here too the Wi-Fi router is connected with an ISP to provide you with internet.

At the same time, cellular data towers also have to be connected to one Internet service provider to provide internet access to connected devices.

Internet features
Let us now know about the characteristics of Internet, which is very important to know.

World wide web

  1. The world wide web is a part of the internet, which supports hypertext documents, while it allows users to view and navigate different types of data.
  2. A web page is a document that is encoded with hypertext markup language (HTML) tags.
  3. HTML allows designers to link together via hyperlinks.
  4. Each web page has an address, which is called uniform resource locator (URL). E-mail
  5. Electronic mail (e-mail) is a very popular reason due to which people use internet.
  6. To create, send, and receive E-Mail Messages you need an e-mail program and an account in an Internet mail server with a domain name.
  7. To use e-mail, it is very important for a user to have an e-mail address, which you can create and add your user name to e-mail. For example, if you want to create your account in Gmail then you can create it like Here, you have to choose a username unique which is not already available. News
  8. An Internet-based service is news, which includes many newsgroups.
  9. Each newsgroup host discusses a specific topic. There are different newsgroups on all topics. Telnet
  10. Telnet is a specialized service that allows you to use a computer to access the contents of another computer with the help of a telnet host.
  11. A telnet program creates a “Window” host so that you can access files, commands issue, and exchange data.
  12. Telnet is widely used by libraries so that it allows visitors to view information, to find articles, etc. File transfer protocol
  13. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an internet tool which is used to copy files from one computer to another.
  14. Using a special FTP program or a web browser, you can log in on an ETP host computer, over the internet and also copy your computer’s files.
  15. FTP is very handy for finding and copying software files, you can do the same with articles and other types of data types. Universities and software companies use FTP servers so that they can allow visitors to access data. Internet Relay chat (IRC)
  16. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a service that allows users to communicate with each other in real-time by typing text in a special window.
  17. Like news, there are hundreds of IRC “channels” and each is dedicated to one subject or user group.
  18. If you want, you can use a special IRC program to participate in these chat room discussion but most chat rooms are set up in the website itself, which enables visitors directly from your browser window. to chat What is intranet?
    Intranet is a private network that is often seen in a single enterprise. It has many interlinked local area networks from Amtour and together it also uses leased lines in a wide area network. Typically, only one or more gateway computers in an intranet are connected to the external Internet. The main job of Intranet is to share information and computing resources of a company only among employees. At the same time, intranet can also be used for teleconferences among working groups. The intranet uses TCP / IP, HTTP, and other Internet protocols. That is why it looks like a private version of the Internet from the people. What is the difference between Internet and Intranet?
    Here you will know what is the difference between Internet and Intranet. Meaning of Internet
    The Internet is a global network that establishes a connection and provides transmission to many different computers. It uses both wired and wireless mode of communication to send and receive any type of information like data, audio, video etc. In this, data travels frequently through “fiber optic cables”, which are owned by the telephone companies. In recent times, everyone uses the Internet to get information, for communication, and for transferring data into the network. This is a public network using which computers can easily connect and relay with each other. It provides a very good source of information to the users. Meaning of intranet
    Intranet is a part of the Internet that is privately owned by one organization. It interconnects all its computers and provides access to all its files and folders within the network. It also has a firewall that surrounds the system, which prevents any unauthorized user from accessing the network. Only authorized users have permission to access this network. At the same time, Intranet is used to connect computers and to tranmit data, that too within a company network. This is a secure way to share details, materials, and folders because the network is very secure and restricted within the organization. What is the difference between Internet and Intranet? Where the Internet provides unlimited information that anyone can see and use, in Intranet, data only circulates within the organization.
    The Internet can be accessed from everyone and everywhere, while only Intranet can be used only by authenticate users.
    Internet is not owned by a single or multiple organization, whereas Intranet being a private network, it comes under a firm or institution.
    Internet is a public network, so it is available to everyone, while Intranet is a private network, so it is not available to everyone.
    Intranet is much safer than Internet.
    How does the Internet work
    Computers in the Internet are connected to each other through small networks. These networks are connected by gateways with Internet Backbone. All computers on the Internet communicate with each other through TCP / IP, which is a Basic Protocol (i.e set of rules) of Internet. TCP / IP (Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol) manages all the transmission happening in the Internet no matter what the data / file / document is, but to do this they have to make that data / file / documents small The parts are broken which are called packets or datagrams. In this, each packet contains the address part of the actual data, i.e addresses of destination and source is upto 1500 characters. Functions of TCP and IP
  19. TCP’s work is that it breaks the messages into small packets which are transmitted to the internet and then later they are also reassemble those small packets in the oringinal message which is received. via internet.
  20. The job of IP is that it handles each part’s address part, so that data can be sent to the correct address. Each gateway checks this address of the network to see where the message is being forwarded. History of internet
    Talking about the history of the Net, in 1969 it used to take its first step in the world, and with the change of time and technology, it moved forward and is not taking the name of stopping now. Let’s know a little more. So, let us know the history of Internet further in Hindi.
  21. Internet originated from ARPANET (ADVANCE RESEARCH PROJECT AGENCY network).
  22. ARPANET was part of the Defense Department of Ameriaca in 1969.
  23. In Suruwat, this network was created to send the Guptia Account via computer, whose name was ARPANET.
  24. In Suruwat, this idea was used to connect five US University computers. By the decade of 1972, it had joined 23 Node of the world and different countries of the world, which was later named Internet.
  25. Initially, this network was used on the basis of Private Network, later it was reached and it was changed year after year and now through this Internet, my information is Internet and the history of Internet is reading you Were. Internet access
  26. For electronic mail exchanging
    More than 85% of people connected to the Internet use the Internet to send and receive email. More than 20 million emails are exchanged in a week.
  27. To Research
    Internet is a very big source of documents, books, research papers etc. That’s why people use it to do their research.
  28. Files can be downloaded or uploaded
    Many such files are uploaded here through many websites such as Movies, Songs, Videos, Documenteries etc. If you want to see them, then you have to download them which requires internet.

What is Flipkart. about information Flipkart.

You all know about online shopping. A few years before today, we have to go to the market to buy any goods, but now our favorite goods reach our house at a lower price. It is the result of online shopping that we are saved from the scams of shopkeepers and now thousands of options are left in front of us, but not a few. Let’s know about online shopping website Flipkart.

At present, there are thousands of websites on the Internet through which you can shop through the Internet, that is, you can do online shopping. One of these websites is also Flipkart which, despite the rule of Amazon in India, started its coin in the market and today it is counted among the largest and Secure E-Commerce companies in India. Today we will tell you in this post ‘What is Flipkart?’ And ‘How does it work’, along with this we will also give you ‘Full information about Flipkart’.

In simple words, if Flipkart is explained, Flipkart is an Indian e-commerce company through which you can buy goods related to Electronics, Lifestyle, Fashion etc. Flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce companies in India, on which users have full faith.

Flipkart is basically a Bangalore company ie its Main Headquarter is based in Bangalore and is mostly operated from Bangalore. Flipkart has only been open for 11 years and today it is one of the largest e-commerce companies in India. Flipkart has challenged companies like Amazon and Snapdeal in India and has covered a lot of online shopping market.
Flipkart is an e-commerce website or company that is available in English language. It was formed in the year 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. It is currently offering its services only in India. The current owner of Flipkart is Walmart. The CEO of Flipkart is currently Kalyan Krishnamurthy. It is primarily an online shopping service.

According to a report in 2016, Flipkart employs more than 30,000 people. Myntra, PhonePe, Jabong, Ekart, Jeeves and 2GUD are all Flipkart products that Flipkart has purchased. Flipkart is counted in a commercial website whose registration is mandatory to use. Talking about its earnings, Flipkart earned around 199 billion rupees in the year 2017.

Flipkart was founded in October 2007 by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. Both of them were alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and worked at Amazon before setting up their company. Flipkart initially focused only on selling Online Books with Shopping in India.

Like all companies, Flipkart slowly moved forward and by 2008 it started receiving 100 Orders daily. After a considerable progress, Flipkart purchased a Bangalore-based Social Book Discovery service weRead from

In late 2011, Flipkart made several acquisitions related to Digital Distribution, including and the Bollywood portal Chakpak’s Digital Content Library. In February 2012, the company unveiled its DRM-Free Online Music Store ‘Flyte’ but it could not succeed due to strong competition in Free Streaming Sites and was discontinued in June 2013.

In 2012, Flipkart bought Myntra for Rs 20 billion, an online fashion store. After this Flipkart started to grow business and partnered with Motorola in 2014 and the Moto G smartphone was sold on Flipkart. After this, Xiomi Mi 3 was also sold in India through Flipkart in 2014, with 10,000 devices sold in only 5 seconds. After this, many more phones were made available on Flipkart, with the help of which Flipkart became very popular.

In 2014, at the time of Diwali, Flipkart started the ‘Big Billion Days’, which led to the sale of 100 million dollars in just 10 hours. After this, its app also came in March 2015 and Flipkart made more progress from it. Then in 2016 Flipkart bought from Rocket Internet in 2016 for 70 million dollars. In April 2017, Ebay sold its Indian branch to Flipkart and invested $ 500 million in it.

In July of 2017, Flipkart offered its competitor Snapdeal to buy it for 700 to 800 Million Dollars, but Snapdeal turned down the offer because it needed at least 1 billion dollars.

On May 4, 2018, the US-based giant Walmart bought most of Flipkart’s shares for 15 billion Dollars. On May 9, Walmart reported that it had bought 77% of Flipkart’s shares at 16 billion Dollars. After this, Ebay removed itself from Flipkart by giving 1.1 billion dollars and started a new business of its own in India. Softbank Group then also sold 20% of its share of Flipkart to Walmart without any disclosure, and currently Walmart owns 81.3% of Flipkart’s total and is owned by it.

Interestingly, in the beginning this company was started with only 4 lakhs and now this company has become Arbo rupees.

The working process of Flipkart is also similar to other e-commerce companies. Flipkart first deals with the companies that are in the market and makes their goods available at their stores and sells it with some commission and makes it available to us.

Many companies go ahead to Flipkart and then sell their goods through which they pay a commission to Flipkart. This item becomes available on Flipkart and this is what we buy. Flipkart’s job is to deliver the goods to us just in time, ie it is exactly like a shopkeeper. He first fetches the goods from somewhere and then reaches it to us in which he also gets commission and similarly Flipkart also earns money.

How to use Flipkart? How to Use Flipkart?
If you want to buy goods from Flipkart, then you just have to follow the steps given below.

  1. First of all, you have to download Flipkart’s App from Play Store or App Store or open it through Web.
  2. After this registration has to be done and all the information has to be filled correctly while filling the form.
  3. Now select the item you want to buy. After that, buy it and fill your address etc. and then select your payment option. Just wait for your luggage to come. It is not necessary that your goods are available on Flipkart only because many times you will not get the goods on it, such as Smartphone etc., then you will get it somewhere else. Because not every company chooses Flipkart for its goods only. So guys, hope you liked our post ‘What is Flipkart and how does it work?’ For other such posts keep following us and do not forget to share this post on social media. Thanks a lot

What is Amazon prime members ship.

Amazon has launched its Prime service in India. Do you know what Amazon Prime kya hai is () and how you can take advantage of it? Today we will talk about the same. Everyone must have heard the name of Amazon, this is an e-commerce website from which millions of crores of people all over the world buy their needy goods.

Due to the e-commerce website, shopping has become very easy now. People do not need to go out from home to do shopping, whatever goods they need, they get it easily online through e-commerce website at the right prices. Many e-commerce websites are available on the internet like,,, etc. All these work to sell products. is the largest and popular online shopping site in the whole world. Amazon is an American international company and this company has started its business in India under the name of and since then has maintained its own niche in the online marketplace of India.

Amazon’s name has been in the news in India for the last few days because amazon has launched a new feature “Amazon Prime” whose popularity has already spread in the US. But people of India do not know much about it, so today I am going to tell you about what is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a premium service of, for which users first have to subscribe to Amazon Prime. After taking the subscription, you will not have to pay any shipping charge or delivery charge for whatever product you buy under amazon Prime, along with this subscription you also get many services for free.

This service is already present in the US (United States or USA) and Amazon Prime is very popular among the people there. Amazon has now launched its same service in India as well.

So if you buy most of your items from amazon, then it is a good news for you that amazon has started Amazon Prime membership for 60 days in India from free trial, whose benefits will now be able to lift it well.

Here comes the question in the minds of many people, how will we find out whether the product they have selected comes inside amazon prime or not? So the simple answer to this is that whatever products will come inside amazon prime, the logo of prime will be present in that product, so that you will easily know that you are choosing your product from inside amazon prime.
Fast Delivery: – Customers of all 100 cities of India can get amazon products in a day or two in fast free delivery. Earlier what used to be that whenever the customer wanted fast delivery, for that the customers had to pay the product amount as well as extra charges.

But now you will subscribe to Amazon Prime and become its member, then you will not have to pay extra charges with your product and the products will also reach your pass time with free delivery.

  Free Standard Delivery: – The other special thing of this service is that there is no minimum value to get free delivery here like when we choose any product which is less than Rs 499, then Rs 40 or Again we have to pay extra money even more than that and if its price is more than Rs 499, then we get it in free delivery.

But if you are a member of Amazon Prime, then you will not have to pay any extra money, even if you do not ask for 10 rupees salmon. That is, you will get all your products in free delivery.

3) Prime Exclusive Deals: – The third best thing is that 30 minutes before the start of Amazon’s lightning deals, Amazon Prime member already gets access from non-member. Which means that you will be able to buy any discount products by choosing 30 minutes in advance from a non-member. And you know that discount products are limited in lightning deals.

The Amazon company is offering a chance to participate in Prime’s membership in India for free for 60 days. This means that by becoming a member in Prime for 60 days, you can take full advantage of its features for free.

After 60 days of free trial, if any customer wants to continue his membership in this way, then he will get Rs. You will have to pay an amount of 999 for one year. You have to pay 999 INR for just one year, after that you can get any products from amazon for free delivery without giving extra money.

4) Amazon prime early access: – In this, all the offers or deals of amazon to Amazon Prime Users will be running, it will open before normal users can access.

For example, if an offer for everyone else is going to start at 12 o’clock at night, for amazon prime members it must have started a few hours in advance. This gives prime users a good opportunity to choose products.

5) Prime Video: – Being a Prime Member, you get the facility of watching videos. You can watch all kinds of movies and popular TV shows in Prime Video.

You can use the service of Prime instant video in devices like Fire Tablet, Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Echo, iOS device, Android smartphones and tablets, PC, Mac.

Amazon Prime Video is a very similar streaming-video components as are Serives like Netflix and Hulu. In this, you will find many categories of movies and TV shows from where you can do unlimited streaming.

6) Prime Music: – If you are a Music Lover, then you will get the option of streaming ad-free music from Amazon Prime Music, while you can also download them (with some conditions). Not only this, there are also many options for languages ​​such as Bangla, Hindi, Tamil Punjabi, English etc.

Prime music is a streaming music service. If you subscribe to this service then you can listen to many things online and can also download.

7) Prime Photo: – If you want to store your photos online safely, then you can take the service of Amazon Prime Photo. In this, Cloud Storage is used to store your photos.

Users can access their photos in the web, mobile device, or a desktop application on your computer.

8) Prime Reading: – If you like to read Ebook, then Amazon provides its Prime members the facility to read Ebook. You can read books, magazines etc. from Prime Reading Catalog on your Kindle E-Reader or Kindle Reading Apps.

Another great thing is that Amzon Prime Users get 1 E-Book for free every month.

To become a prime member in Amazon, first of all go to A link will be found from “Try Prime” under the Amazon logo. Click here, or a big banner will appear in the home page where the visitor is being asked to join, by going there you will have to login with your amazon account, just after that you can pay for 60 days without paying anything. You will become a member. After that if you want to continue this service then you can pay its subscription price.

what did you learn today
I hope you find this article my Amazon Prime? Must have liked It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about the Amazon Prime in Hindi to the readers, so that they do not have to search in any other sites or internet in the context of that article.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments.


what is twitter . about information Twitter.

what is twitter
what is twitter

Do you want to know what is this Twitter and who has created it? Twitter is also a social media platform like Facebook. That’s why many small and big businesses are taking advantage of this because it is providing them a huge marketing opportunity.

It has more than 500 million active users and more than 80% of its users use mobile devices. In such a situation, companies easily get potential clients and customers for their business and they do not have to wander there much.

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This is an app that provides its users with a platform that provides an opportunity to share their thoughts, news, information and jokes.

But their one limitation is that you can write only 140 characters of text or less. Meaning that Twitter wants that whatever information is there should not be too big and explanatory, rather it should be short and informative.

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Twitter has completely made global communication cheap and measurable. Profiles that are in Twitter are often public – meaning you live in any part of the world, you can see and read them whenever you want. Just by making the profile private, no one else can read it.

Users “follow” each other so that they can communicate with each other. There are many such features in Twitter which we do not know and especially that is why we do not even use them.

So today I thought, why don’t I give you complete information about what Twitter is and who has created Twitter. With this, you can use Twitter in all ways. So let’s start without delay.

We can call Twitter an online news and social networking site, which users use to communicate with each other through short messages called tweets.

Tweeting to Twitter is called Tweeting. This means sending short messages to all those people who are following you on Twitter. People often follow those whom they like, or they like their words, so they follow them to stay connected with them.

We can also call Twitter a microblogging site that relies on micro-blogging communication. In this, users type their messages less than 140 characters and send their views to other followers.

So that his ideas reach more and more people. Since its inception, Twitter has continued to grow, which includes big celebrities, politicians, VIP people as well as ordinary people.

With this help, users share with each other about important issues, random issues, or whatever they are doing with their followers. There is currently no simple and effective means of expressing your views in the entire internet.

Who created twitter
Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams in March 2006. Jack Dorsey, who first thought about this app, says that he really wanted to make it a service in which people could become aware of their friends about what they are doing, what they are eating, Where are you going to roam etc.

This was considered as a user status service earlier. The Twitter team says that they first named it “Twitch”.

Later it evolve to become Twitter. If we see its meaning in Oxform Dictionary then it means ‘talking very fast, that too in a nervous and trivial way’.

Important Terms that are used in Twitter?
By the way, all Social Networking site has some such terms or jargon that only those who know them use them. So if an app has to be used properly then all the terms and abbrevations related to it have to be understood properly. With this you must understand this network properly.

  1. Tweet: A 140-character message.
  2. Retweet (RT): Re-sharing or giving credit to someone else’s tweet.
  3. Feed: These are the stream of tweets that you see on the homepage. It contains all the updates that you get from the users that you follow.
  4. Handle: or is your username.
  5. Mention (@): This is a reference method in which another user is written in tweet with their username (e.g. @zeenews). Users get a notification when they are @mentioned. This is a way to discuss with another user in a public realm.
  6. Direct Message (DM): This is a private, 140-character message between two people. You also have the option to decide whether to accept a direct message or not to communicate with any Twitter user, or only from those whom you are following in DM.
    You can only DM those people who follow you.
  7. Hashtag (#): This is a way in which a topic of conversation is mentioned or you can also participate in a larger linked discussion. A hashtag is a great discovery tool that allows users to search your tweets which are based on the topics. If you want, you can see all the tweets in real time by clicking on those Hastag – even tweets of those whom you do not follow. When was Twitter discovered?
    Twitter was discovered in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams and was launched in July of the same year. This service rapidly gained worldwide popularity. By 2012, more than 340 million tweets a day were used by more than 100 million users. At the same time, this service handled an average of 1.6 billion search queries per day. How does Twitter work?
    With the help of Twitter, you can post on any topic. But it has a limit of only 140 charaters, which is the same with a single SMS message. These short posts are called “tweets”, which are used in reference to chirping of birds, and appear in your Twitter profile page with chronologically order. With posting, you can follow others if you want in Twitter so that you can see their latest tweets in your Twitter feed. It also works conversely, which means that if someone follows you, then your tweets will show in their feeds. This shows that this shows that the more your followers, the more your potential will reach. Twitter’s Technology Framework
    The Twitter web interface uses the Ruby on Rails framework. Twitter message handling is done by a software written with the programming language Scala. This framework allows additional web services and applications to interact and combine with Twitter. Twitter’s search functionality uses hashtags to search for specific messages. A hashtag is basically # symbol after which the search term is present. Users correspond with each other via SMS, or through five gateway numbers. Who has the highest number of Twitter followers in India?
    The correct answer is Narendra Modi.
    Who handle Twitter: @narendramodi
    The number of followers is: 44.1 million + Who is the CEO of Twitter?
    Jack Patrick Dorsey is the CEO of Twitter. Who was born on November 19, 1976. He is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur who is the co-founder and CEO of Twitter. Apart from this, he is the founder and CEO of Square, which is a mobile payments company. How to use Twitter properly?
    Even if you know some information about Twitter, but if you do not know how to use it properly then it makes no sense. Before doing anything in Twitter, you have to sign up in it and create a username. This username is also your public name. For example, to log in to a Twitter user ZEENEWS, they use the username “ZEENEWS”. Together their twitter URL is Therefore, use such login id that people can remember easily and they can easily come to your page. When you signin, then you must have noticed that you have a news feed. Any user who tweets and whom you follow, their news will appear on this feed. But if you have not followed anyone, then it will be completely blank. If you have to follow someone, then you have to go to their Twitter page and click on the “follow” button. With this, these will come in your feed and all their latest updates will be visible to you. There are some important tags – or commands – that you can use in your tweet with actual text in Twitter, so that you can use them more effectively. @name Tag
    This first tag is @name tag. If you want to address a tweet that is for a specific person on Twitter, then you have to type @ and then their username. As soon as you hit enter, it will pop up on their feed, then whether they follow you or not, it does not matter. Retweet Tag
    Another important tag is RT tag. It is also called retweet. If you liked some tweet or you like it, you can retweet the tweet using the retweet button. Which will insert the “RT” tag and the name of the Twitter user whose tweet you are retweeting. If you want too, you can maunally enter all these information, for which you have to type “RT @name: then whatever message you want to write.” Hash Tags
    The third important tag is #hash tag. This tag is used to specify a subject in a tweet. For example, if your tweet is about the new iPhone, then you can post whatever message you want to post by writing it #iPhone. This makes Twitter’s search service easier to find tweets in specific subject. Lists
    This is another feature of Twitter with which the list can be created. A list is like an account, where people can follow the list and at the same time the list can also follow people. For example, if someone creates a list of a specific political party that includes the names of big political leaders. People who have interest in politics can follow this list, so that they will get all the updates when someone puts a new post. It condenses all tweet in a list, so that your feed does not become a mess. Twitter also reduces the visibility of tweets so that it will be visible only to your followers or the groups you specify. If a non follower will see your profile then he will not see these tweets. What are Verified Accounts in Twitter?
    A verified account identifies key individuals and organizations as authentic and assigns a blue tick to their profile. Whereas only brands and public figures / celebrities were previously eligible to get a verified account status. At the same time, Twitter has just opened the door to this verified status for everyone. Where you can get this status in your profile by filling an online application form. For Verification Request you can use this link: Conclusion
    I hope I have given you complete information about what Twitter is and I hope that you guys have understood about who created Twitter. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments. With these ideas, you will get a chance to learn something and improve something.

what is Instagram . about Instagram.

what is Instagram
what is Instagram

In recent times, there will be hardly any young person who does not know what Instagram is (What is Instagram in Hindi). Yes, even though they may not know how it works.

Hearing the name of Instagram, photos of celebrities appear in our mind. He constantly uploads updates on his living, dress, lifestyle. In a way, if it is about Photo Social Media then Instagram is at the forefront.

Not only these celebrities these days, politicians are also making good use of it to promote their election campaign.

All of you must also be using Instagram, there is no doubt about it, but if you keep full information about it like when it was created, how to increase the likes on Instagram, how to get in front of more and more people, Instagram Stories If you want to get accurate information about many questions like what is it, then you should definitely read this article about Instagram.

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I have tried my best to provide you with the best information and I can say with certainty that if you implement all of them then you can definitely be more famous in Instagram than your friends very soon.

Keeping these things in front, I thought that why should you provide such information about what happens on Instagram, which you probably do not know, you will get answers to all your questions by the end of the article. Then let’s start it without any strings.

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Instagram is a social media app that was launched in 2010. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are going to make it. Who designed it and brought it to the public for use. Later, seeing its increasing popularity, Facebook bought it completely in 2012.

The main purpose of this app was to encourage users to take photos, add filters and write a good caption, post it to your account.

By doing this, all the friends or followers are in your Instagram profile, they are notified about it. If they want, they can like it. If you like more, that post stays up for a longer time.

If we compare the earlier Instagram with the present Instagram, then we will find that the earlier Instagram was very simple, there were not many features.

At the same time, in Instagram, you will get many such features which were not there before, along with you will also see more filters etc. Apart from this, now you can also post videos, but it also has a limitation.

How does instagram use
As soon as you set up the Instagram account and set up your profile, then you can follow some favorite celebrities, BFFs, co-workers. You can see the number of followers on your profile.

If you want then you can also keep your profile private, which means that people will send you the first request to follow and only after you approve they can see your content.

Note that if your profile is private then the hashtagged show done by you will not show up in the trending / public page, no matter how many likes you have.

If I talk about Likes then this is the same when people double-tap your post – a red heart symbol will appear on the photo, and a like-count picture will appear below it to show that your post How much people want Whereas ‘likes’ are no longer visible in videos, but instead the view count is now visible in it.

You can comment in some people’s post if they have not turned off their comment system then. If you want, you can turn on or turn off the comments on your post.

You can share them with it and also send a specific post to a friend in a direct message, or can also tag and save a post to see it later.

What is the best advice for Instagram? You should follow those whom you want and whose content you love. Together, if you do not like any other people, then you can unfollow him irresistibly, but do not think that he will unfollow you too.

If you don’t like their content then don’t follow them. Together, Instagram is always bringing something new, always for the convenience of users.

How to increase likes and followers on Instagram
Instagram is a very popular social media network. If you are also on Instagram, and are looking for a convenient method how to increase the number of likes and followers under your profile.

Here below, I have told you about some such tips which if you implement properly, then you can easily increase likes and followers in Instagram.

Categorize your photos with the help of hashtags
If you use appropriate hashtags, then you can properly categorize your photos and upload them to Instagram.

These hashtags have that ability, so that you can see more users simultaneously. Together you will also get to see more likes and followers in your photos.

You can attract people by using Instagram stories
Instagram stories are a very newly introduced feature in this social media network. It can work very effectively in increasing your number of followers and simultaneously increasing the visiblity of your photos.

Instagram has considered these storeis to be great, versatile and according to a fun method that has been made available to the users in front of the audiences to create a meaningful connections.

Share more engaging content
You can consider this tip as a very convenient method by which more likes and followers can attract towards your account. When you are sharing something, then you have to see whether your contents are more engaging or not.

From a recent survey, it has been found that about 52% of marketing professionals use instagram videos to attract more people to their profile.

Therefore, you have to do your own research and find out which is the best time to post content, so that you will get a better result.

You can organize a contest
If you can organize a Contest in your instagram account, then you can definitely increase likes and followers in your account.

If you want to get better result in this contest then you can partner with another influencer or business and offer some value added service to your user to the winner of this contest.

Be strategic towards your comments
In the profile of Instagram, the comment you write in a post is also very special, which gives you good and amazing results in the long run.

But here you have to be a little careful while writing your comments and make them as interesting as possible, so that whoever reads them, they must check your Instagram profile once, so that they can follow you. So that they will also see your other posts and can like them as well.

You should also like other users’ photos.
If you have not done this yet, then you should definitely do it, because it is very important that you also like your users’ photos.

With this, other non followers will show interest in you and they can also follow your account. Although one is a very common trick but it proves to be very effective.

If someone likes an old picture, then more and more you will also like new followers, so this post gets an extra boost. In the end, it is very useful in increasing the likes and followers of your Instagram account.

Be sure to comment in Appropriate Photos
You do not have to be more self-centered to increase your followers. If you commenting a few words in a good picture, then nothing will go to anyone and neither will you suffer any loss.

But by doing this your comment will definitely get a big exposure. Therefore, if not done then start commenting from now on, so that you will slowly start coming followers.

This is a very simple and effective way to gain more followers in a very short time and without doing anything.

Publish your content at the right time
No matter how good a photo you are, if you publish it at a time when everyone is sleeping, then you will not get much attention.

Do not miss such excellent opportunities by hand, because you are not going to benefit from posting such. Post your images only when more users are online and they can see them as soon as they are posted, this increases your chances of getting more likes, comments and followers.

Use Instagram’s Growth Services
There is also a second method through which you can increase the number of followers and likes. For this, you can use Instagram Growth Services.

These help Instagram users to be more like and increase followers. But choose such companies properly so that your traffic does not increase organically but in a robotic way.

It will not happen that you will have thousands of followers but likes very little and engagement is also very less. Make sure to note this.

What is Instagram Stories?
Instagram Stories is Instagram’s answer to Snapchat / Snapchat Stories, in which a series of photos and videos are posted together on a content package and it disappears after 24 hours.

Some people do not like this feature much because they find it silly due to being temporary. But still these trend 24-hour social media posts are very popular among users, and many people like it.

Where to download Instagram App?
If you want to download Instagram App for your Andorid Phone then you can do it easily from Google Play Store. Whereas if you are an iOS user then you can download it from App Store. Best of all, it is absolutely free.

Which year did Facebook and Instagram start in?
Facebook started in February 4, 2004.

At the same time, Instagram started on 6 October 2010.

How to prevent Instagram from being hacked?
If you want to save your Instagram account from being hacked, then you first need to know how these Instagram account are hacked.

By the way, no instagram account is automatically hacked. In this, most hackers fool the users, then they can get access to their account.

If you search in the internet, then you will find many such Fake Websites and Fake Apps that claim that they can hack any Instagram account, but there is no truth in this matter.

They fool people by running just a few scripts. Let me tell you about some such methods that are really effective for Hacking Instagram Account.

Let us come to the issue now, some methods which are used to hack Instagram account.

From phishing
Using Keylogger or Spy apps
Social engineering skills
Hacking a Facebook Account
By creating a fake Instagram app
Using phishing
It is old but still works. Phishing is a very popular way to hack online accounts. In this, hacker create a fake login page which looks exactly like the original login page.

When a user signs in that page then automatically the user’s Username and Password are saved as a file in it and redirects the user (victim) to the original site.

It is not as easy as it sounds, because it is not so easy to create a similar login page but it is not impossible.

If you want someone’s login details, then all you have to do is send a link to this fake login page, to know their password.

Using Keylogger and Spy Apps
Another great way to hack Instagram account is to use keylogger or any spy apps.

Keylogger is a special software that records all keyboard movements into a file that can be read later.

In such a situation, when the victim login to his account, then his username and password are also saved. Where keylogger is used for computer, you can use ikeymonitor for Android or iPhone.

While there is another tool called Spy Apps, if you install these Spy Apps in the victim’s mobile then it becomes absolutely instally and does not show itself anywhere, it does not even let the victim know that its All other login information is also being viewed by someone else.

Social Enginnering Skill
Social Enginnering Skill means identifying the behavior of the victim or users. Like not only their passwords (for example, often people keep their mobile number, date of birth, girlfriend’s number only on the basis of password).

You can also make good use of social engineering like you create a phishing page and send a link to many people saying that if they sign up in it then they will get a mobile recharge free of some rupees or any shopping site. Will get coupon free.

After that you can also make spoof calls. Meaning that you can call anyone from any number. He will not know at all from where the call really came from or from which number. You can also hack Instagram account of many.

Hacking Facebook Account
Often the facebook account of all users is linked with their instagram account. So you have hacked someone’s facebook account, then you can easily hack Instagram account too.

Fake Instagram Apps
The practice of making Fake apps dates back to a long time. There are many apps whose fake apps are still available in the internet. In this, many fake apps of Instagram are popular on the Internet.

If a user downloads and installs it and later logs in, then his login details reach the hacker. This gives him full access to that account.
By the way, brute force attack is also a way to hack an account but it is not very effective because Instagram is also continuously working in its code and throwing out its loopholes.

These were some ways through which Instagram account can be hacked. Whereas if you understand these methods properly then you can keep your account very safe.

I hope I have given you complete information about what is Instagram and I hope you have understood about how to run Instagram.

If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments.


what is bitcoin how to buy bitcoin in cheap price.

what is bitcoin
what is bitcoin

What is bitcoin, how it works, where it is kept, there will be a lot of questions in your mind about all this. Today life of everyone has become easier due to the Internet. From getting all kinds of information to shopping, booking tickets, etc., we are able to do everything with the help of internet. Nowadays it is also possible to earn money with the help of internet. There are many ways that we can earn money from the internet right from home. Bitcoin is one of the ways we can make a lot of money. Some of you may have heard about Bitcoin and those who do not know anything about Bitcoin will know it today through this article. Yes, today I am going to tell you about what Bitcoin is.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency. Just like other currencies are Rupee, Dollar etc. Just like Bitcoin is also a digital currency. This is completely different from other currencies because we can neither see Bitcoin nor touch it like money. We can store Bitcoin only in the online wallet. Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 and since then its popularity has been increasing. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, which means that there is no bank or authority or government to control it, that is, no one owns it. Anyone can use Bitcoin just like we all use the internet and it does not have any owner, in the same way Bitcoin is also.

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Why is Bitcoin used?
We can use bitcoin to make online payment or to do any kind of transactions. Bitcoin works on peer to peer network based which means that people can easily transact with each other directly without any bank, credit card or any company. Bitcoin is considered to be the fastest and efficient to use in transactions. Nowadays, many people are adopting Bitcoin like online developers, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations etc. And because of this, bitcoin is being used for global payment all over the world.

Just like we do online transactions using the remaining currencies, we have to follow the payment process of the banks only then we are able to make the payment and the account of every transaction made in us remains in our bank account so that it can be ascertained. Where and how much money has been spent, but there is no owner of Bitcoin, so transactions with it are recorded in a public ledger (account) which is called “blockchain”. There all the transactions done with bitcoin remain in the details store and the same blockchain is the proof that the transaction has taken place or not.

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What is the value of bitcoin?
The value of bitcoin today is around $ 999 meaning that the value of a bitcoin is 65,000. Its value keeps decreasing or increasing as there is no authority to control it, hence its value varies according to its demand.

What is Bitcoin Wallet?
We can only store bitcoin electronically and it requires a bitcoin wallet to keep it. There are many types of bitcoin wallets such as desktop wallet, mobile wallet, online / web-based wallet, hardware wallet We have to create an account in it using one of these wallets. This wallet gives us unique id in the form of an address as if you have earned bitcoin from somewhere and you have to store it in your account, then you will need that address there and with the help of that you can make bitcoin in your Can be stored in wallet. Apart from this, if you want to buy or sell bitcoin, then you need a bitcoin wallet and after that you can get all the money you get in exchange for the bitcoin you sell, through your transfer bitcoin wallet.

What is bitcoin
What is bitcoin

How can Bitcoin be earned?
We can earn bitcoin in three ways-

  1. The first way is that if you have money, you can buy a bitcoin directly by paying $ 999. It is also not that if you have to buy a bitcoin, then you have to give the whole $ 999, if you want, you can also buy the smallest unit of bitcoin “satoshi”. Just like we have 100 paise for 1 rupee in India, in the same way there are 10 crores satoshi in 1 bitcoin, so if you want to buy the smallest amount of bitcoin satoshi, you can slowly deposit 1 or more bitcoin. When bitcoin will be present with you and its price will increase then you can earn more money by selling it.
  2. Another way is that if you are selling any goods to someone online and if bitcoin is present with that buyer, then you take bitcoin in exchange for money, in that case you will sell them that stuff and you also get bitcoin. That will be stored in your bitcoin wallet. If you want, you can also get profit by selling that bitcoin to another person later. The third way is bitcoin mining. For this, we will need a computer with high speed processor, whose hardware should also be good. We use bitcoin only for making online payment and when someone pays with bitcoin, that transaction is verified. Those who verify them are called miners and those miners have high performance computer and GPU and they verify transactions through it. They verify whether the transactions are correct or not. In lieu of this verification, they get some bitcoins as a reward and in this way new bitcoins come in the market. Anyone can do this, for this a computer with high speed processor is needed which is not in everyone’s budget to buy. Just like every country has a limit to print currency in a year that you can print only so many notes in a year, in the same way with bitcoin there are some limitations that more than 21 million bitcoin cannot come in the market. That is, bitcoin limit is just 21 million and more bitcoin will never be found. As of now, about 13 million bitcoins have arrived in the market and the new bitcoins which are there will now come through mining. What are the benefits of using Bitcoin?
  3. Here your transaction fee is very less compared to paying with credit card and debit card.
  4. You can send Bitcoin anywhere and anytime in the world without any hassle.
  5. Here the account of bitcoin is not blocked as if sometimes for some reason the bank blocks our credit or debit card, then that problem is not here.
  6. If you want to invest in bitcoin for long term, then you can get a lot of benefit from it because it has been seen in the record that the price of bitcoin is going to increase, then later on you may get a lot of benefit from it. meet.
  7. In the transaction process of Bitcoin, if there is no government or authority that does not keep an eye on you, then there are many people who use it for doing wrong things, so it is beneficial for them. What are the disadvantages of using Bitcoin?
  8. There is no authority, bank or government to control bitcoin here, so because of this there is a lot of fluctuation in the price of bitcoin, then it becomes a bit risky.
  9. If your account gets hacked at any time, you will lose all your bitcoins and it cannot be brought back, no one will be able to help you in this. How to buy bitcoin in India
    You can buy bitcoin just like gold, in Indian currency. So let us know that there are websites from such cones in India from where we can buy Bitcoin very easily, that too in our own currency. Here in these websites you can easily see their current price in real time also.
  10. Unocoin
  11. Zebpay
  12. Unocoin
    Unocoin is a very friendly website that anyone can use. With this you can buy and sell bitcoin very easily. Unocoin has many such features that make it different from others. Features:
  13. Zero% fees – Unocoin does not charge customers any fees for accepting bitcoins as a payment method
  14. Simple Intergration – You can integrate your business with Unocoin very easily.
  15. 0% Volatility Risk – If there is some fluctuation in the price of Bitcoin, then you can keep Bitcoin or even sell it immediately.
  16. No Chargebacks – If you are using Unocoin then you do not have to pay any charge back.
  17. OTC Trading (Over the counter)
  18. Auto Sell Bitcoin
  19. Netki – You can create your own Bitcoin address that anyone can read.
  20. 2 step Authentication for greater security How to buy
    If you want to buy Bitcoin then you can buy it by visiting Unocoin’s website. Note: – If you want a Referral Code, then use “U124697” so that you can easily get bitcoin of Rs.200 / -.
  21. ZebPay
    Zebpay is a very user friendly website from which you can easily buy bitcoin. Zebpay has access to many vendors so that it provides more convenience. Features:
  22. With the help of Bitcoin you can also fill the top up in your mobile and DTH.
  23. You can buy voucher from Amazon, Flipkart and MakeMyTrip, which can save you up to 10%.
  24. Fastest way you can buy Bitcoin.
  25. It is also very secure.
  26. The lowest price in the market.
  27. You can also buy from mobile by using the app. How to buy
    If you want to buy Bitcoin then you can buy it by visiting Zebpay’s Android Application. Note: – If you ask for a Referral Code, then use “REF77839482” so that you can easily get bitcoin of Rs.100 / -.