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Reality: In many cases it has been observed that getting attracted to a person of your own gender is only for a short time.

Gay WhatsApp group link
Gay WhatsApp group link

The same happened with Latika, sixteen years old. There was a time when she was attracted to a girl. She says, “When I was in school, I was taught in a biology class that when we start our youth, there is a tremendous change in the amount of hormones in our body. I think that if young people know this reality associated with their bodies, then they will understand that being attracted to a person of their own sex is only for a short time, then they will not worry that they become gay now Huh.”

All young people have to choose whether they will adopt the world’s disgusting thinking about sexuality or sex, or whether God’s thinking in the Scriptures

But what if this vibe or attraction in you continues even after some time? Does God’s assertion that homosexuality is wrong reflect his harshness?

If you answer yes to the second question, then you should know that it is actually based on the wrong thinking that humans should not suppress their sexual desires, but should fulfill them. But the Scriptures assure us that if we really want to, we can prevent wrong kinds of sexual desires from dominating ourselves. — Colossians 3: 5.

This thing written in the Holy Scriptures is not absurd. Why? The Holy Scriptures, which demand those who are attracted to a person of their own sex, while those who are attracted to the opposite sex. That demand is, ‘Run away from sexual immorality.’ (1 Corinthians 6:18) The reality is that millions of people who have a feeling of being attracted to the opposite sex are enforced by applying the rules in the Holy Scriptures. I can control my desires. Those who are attracted to a person of the same sex can also keep their desires under control, but only if they want to apply God’s laws wholeheartedly and please him.

Gay WhatsApp group link

What is homosexuality: Most people are attracted to opposite sex people. Such people are called heterosexuals.

When man has attraction towards man or woman to woman, it is called homo / lesbian. In this situation people are attracted towards same sex people.

There are a few people who are attracted towards men as well as towards women, ie they are also heterosexual and also homo. These are called bi-sexual.
The whole situation can be understood by an example. For example, some like tea, some like coffee and some both. In this way, some people have attraction towards Opposite sex, some same sex and some both women and men. All three types of people are normal.

Why it happens: Modern science says that homosexuality is a natural birth. There is neither fault for such people nor the upbringing of their parents. Even in the sixth century, Varahamihira said that such a birth takes place.

What are the symptoms: Whenever such people think about sex, then only people of same sex come in their thoughts. Even in dreams.

What change is possible: Being born is not only difficult to change, it is impossible. Change is possible only when such a person wants to change himself at his own will, without any pressure. In that case it can be tried. But it is not possible to get this done under family pressure. Sometimes due to some disease of the mind, such temperary symptoms of homosexuality emerge in some people. Once the disease is cured, the deformity of the man goes away and he becomes heterosexual again.

A homosexual or homosexual satisfies or fulfills his libido in his own way. As far as your son is concerned, you should decide on the basis of what is written above. If you are not sure about this, then stop her marriage now. For a year or two, keep an eye on which side he is attracted to. Do not force her to marry. It would be better to waste your life by marrying someone to fulfill your libido in your own way.

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