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indian army whatsapp group link.

indian army whatsapp group link.

Indian army guys if you don’t now what is Indian army, we are not Indian. So guys in today blog i am sharing you latest
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Indian army WhatsApp group link.

Army Day is celebrated every year on 15 January in India. Army has always been the pride of the country. They fight many wars and also become martyrs for the country. Be it cold or summer rains or storms, we are always engaged in protecting our country so that common people can sleep peacefully in their homes. The Indian Army has the ability to compete with the world’s largest armies in many ways. Let’s learn some similar things about the Indian Army.

Indian army WhatsApp group link
Indian army WhatsApp group link

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Indian army WhatsApp group link some information

  1. Indian Army controls the highest battlefield in the world- The Indian Army specializes in controlling the world’s highest hills. An example of this is the Siachen Glacier, which is 5000 meters above the C-level.
  2. India has the largest ‘voluntary’ army in the world – All serving and reserve personnel have actually chosen ‘Seva’. The Indian constitution provides forcible recruitment but has not been used till date.
  3. Indian Army specializes in hill battles – The High Altitude Warfare School of the Indian Army is counted among the best training institutes in the world. Before being sent to Afghanistan, the US Special Forces were also trained in this institute. Also, soldiers from UK and Russia also come here for training. This institute offers training in mountainous terrain and altitude fighting.
  4. India had secretly tested its nuclear arsenal – India secretly tested its nuclear arsenal in the 1970s and 1990s, and the CIA was not even aware of it. To date it is considered one of the biggest failures of the CIA.
  5. Indian soldier is not selected on the basis of religion or caste- Like other government organizations and institutions in India, there are no provisions for reservation on the basis of caste or religion. Soldiers are recruited on the basis of their overall merit, rigorous testing and fitness. Any Indian citizen, once admitted to the army, is called a soldier.
  6. During the Longewala War, there were only two casualties from the Indian side. Later the Bollywood film border was made on it- The Longewala War was fought between India and Pakistan in December 1971. In which only 120 Indian soldiers with a jeep and M40 recoilless rifle fought against a 2000 Pakistani soldier armed with 45 tanks and a mobile infantry brigade. Indian troops, despite being small in number, fought overnight with the help of the Air Force and managed to win.
  7. ‘Operation Rahat’ of 2013 was one of the largest civilian rescue operations in the world- The Indian Air Force launched ‘Operation Rahat’ in 2013 to safely evacuate civilians affected by the floods in Uttarakhand. This operation by the Air Force was the largest civilian rescue operation in the world till date. In the first phase, the Indian Air Force evacuated about 20 thousand people. Along with this, relief material of 3,82,400 kg was also reached.
  8. Ezhimala Naval Academy in Kerala is the largest academy of its kind in Asia.
  9. The Indian Army also has a cavalry regiment of horses. It is one of the last three such regiments in the world.
  10. The Indian Air Force has an out-station base in Tajikistan and now such a station is also being sought in Afghanistan.

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There are a total of 29 states in the country, but Bihar and UP in northern India have dominance in every corner of the country and abroad. They have a presence everywhere from the mandarins of power to those who cook the roadside dishes. Talking about Bihar, there are some such qualities among the residents, who work from the real life to the cinematic screen as humors. A look at 10 such qualities of Biharis that make them different…
Every parent in Bihar wants to see their lal with ‘red light’ in this building. It is a matter of pride that Biharis are not lacking in UPSC-selected students and top officials. However, there is also a truth that from the streets of Patna to Mukherjee Nagar in Delhi and Rajendra Place, a plantation of Biharis has been beheading this for years. The need is to move beyond the stars towards more stars in the universe.


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Reality: In many cases it has been observed that getting attracted to a person of your own gender is only for a short time.

Gay WhatsApp group link
Gay WhatsApp group link

The same happened with Latika, sixteen years old. There was a time when she was attracted to a girl. She says, “When I was in school, I was taught in a biology class that when we start our youth, there is a tremendous change in the amount of hormones in our body. I think that if young people know this reality associated with their bodies, then they will understand that being attracted to a person of their own sex is only for a short time, then they will not worry that they become gay now Huh.”

All young people have to choose whether they will adopt the world’s disgusting thinking about sexuality or sex, or whether God’s thinking in the Scriptures

But what if this vibe or attraction in you continues even after some time? Does God’s assertion that homosexuality is wrong reflect his harshness?

If you answer yes to the second question, then you should know that it is actually based on the wrong thinking that humans should not suppress their sexual desires, but should fulfill them. But the Scriptures assure us that if we really want to, we can prevent wrong kinds of sexual desires from dominating ourselves. — Colossians 3: 5.

This thing written in the Holy Scriptures is not absurd. Why? The Holy Scriptures, which demand those who are attracted to a person of their own sex, while those who are attracted to the opposite sex. That demand is, ‘Run away from sexual immorality.’ (1 Corinthians 6:18) The reality is that millions of people who have a feeling of being attracted to the opposite sex are enforced by applying the rules in the Holy Scriptures. I can control my desires. Those who are attracted to a person of the same sex can also keep their desires under control, but only if they want to apply God’s laws wholeheartedly and please him.

Gay WhatsApp group link

What is homosexuality: Most people are attracted to opposite sex people. Such people are called heterosexuals.

When man has attraction towards man or woman to woman, it is called homo / lesbian. In this situation people are attracted towards same sex people.

There are a few people who are attracted towards men as well as towards women, ie they are also heterosexual and also homo. These are called bi-sexual.
The whole situation can be understood by an example. For example, some like tea, some like coffee and some both. In this way, some people have attraction towards Opposite sex, some same sex and some both women and men. All three types of people are normal.

Why it happens: Modern science says that homosexuality is a natural birth. There is neither fault for such people nor the upbringing of their parents. Even in the sixth century, Varahamihira said that such a birth takes place.

What are the symptoms: Whenever such people think about sex, then only people of same sex come in their thoughts. Even in dreams.

What change is possible: Being born is not only difficult to change, it is impossible. Change is possible only when such a person wants to change himself at his own will, without any pressure. In that case it can be tried. But it is not possible to get this done under family pressure. Sometimes due to some disease of the mind, such temperary symptoms of homosexuality emerge in some people. Once the disease is cured, the deformity of the man goes away and he becomes heterosexual again.

A homosexual or homosexual satisfies or fulfills his libido in his own way. As far as your son is concerned, you should decide on the basis of what is written above. If you are not sure about this, then stop her marriage now. For a year or two, keep an eye on which side he is attracted to. Do not force her to marry. It would be better to waste your life by marrying someone to fulfill your libido in your own way.


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Whenever it comes to roaming in India, the first name that comes to everyone’s mind is Rajasthan. Everyone wants to go to Rajasthan to roam, but few people will know about Rajasthan that it came into existence on 30 March 1949. Come, on this special occasion we are telling you about some interesting things related to Rajasthan and its proud history. Say Rajasthan Day or Rajasthan Foundation Day, it is celebrated every year on 30 March. On 30 March 1949, the princely states of Jodhpur, Jaipur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner were merged to form the ‘Greater Rajasthan Union’. This is considered the day of the establishment of Rajasthan. Various colorful programs are organized as part of Rajasthan Day celebrations at Janpath, Jaipur, on the evening of March 30, on the occasion of Foundation Day of the state of Rajasthan. Rajasthan was earlier known as Rajputana which was later changed to Rajasthan. The word Rajasthan means ‘place of kings’ because Gurjars, Rajputs, Mauryas, Jats etc. ruled here earlier. After the declaration of independence by the British rulers, when the process of transfer of power began, it was felt that the independence of independent India and the merger of the then part of Rajputana into India could prove to be a daunting task. The integration of Rajasthan was not an easy task. With the declaration of independence, the heads of the princely states of Rajputana were vying to retain their power in the independent state, at that time, from the perspective of the current state of Rajasthan, there was a total of twenty two princely states in this territory of Rajputana. . It was the most difficult task to persuade stubborn kings. Among them, except for the princely state of Ajmer, Merwada, the remaining princely states were ruled by the native kings Maharajas. Ajmer-Merwada province was occupied by the British rulers. For this reason, it would have come to independent India only, but the remaining twenty-one princely states were to be merged i.e. to form a province called ‘Rajasthan’ after unification. Everyone made this task even more difficult by keeping their own conditions. Due to the competition for power, it seemed very difficult because the rulers of these princely states were seeing the merger of their princely states into independent India as a second priority. Their demand was that they have been running the rule of their own states for years, they have long-term experience of this, so that their princely state should be given the status of ‘independent state’. The process of unification of Rajasthan, which began on 18 March 1948, between a decade of overhaul and hard work by Sardar Patel, was completed on 1 November 1956 in a total of seven phases. In this, the role of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel and his secretary VP Menon, then the princely state and home minister of the Government of India, was very important. It was due to their understanding that the present form of Rajasthan could be created. It is difficult to count the proud heroes here because many heroes were born in the land of Rajasthan and gave their lives for the sake of this earth. Prithviraj Chauhan was born here on the earth, called the brave warrior, who defeated Muhammad Ghori in the first battle of Tarain. Ghori is said to have attacked Prithviraj 18 times, in which he suffered defeat 17 times.

Prithvi, the 12-year-old son of Raja Jaswant Singh of Jodhpur, had torn the jaw of Aurangzeb’s dread-starved wild lion with his hands. Rana Sanga showed courage by fighting more than a hundred wars. The sacrifice of Queen Bagheli of Thakur Mohkam Singh of Bulanda (Pali) is also immortal along with the sacrifice of Panna Dhai. In order to save Jodhpur’s prince Ajit Singh from Aurangzeb, she had brought him in hiding instead of his newborn princess. The famous poet Kipling of England wrote, “If there is any place in the world where the bones of heroes are made dust of the road, then it can be called Rajasthan.” Know the important facts related to this state … 1. A state was formed by combining 22 princely states. 2. Rajasthan is the largest state in the country in terms of area. 3. Heera Lal Shastri was the first Chief Minister of Rajasthan. 4. Forts of Chittorgarh, Kumbhalgarh, Ranthambore, Gagaram, Amer and Jaisalmer in Rajasthan have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. 5. Rajasthan’s population has increased rapidly in the last 67 years. Its population in 1951 was 1.59 crores. At the same time, it has a population of 6.86 crore. On the occasion of Rajasthan Day, various programs will be organized on March 29 at the district headquarters. Deepakdaan, fireworks and multi-colored cultural evening will be a special attraction with the Rajasthan Vikas saga exhibition.


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America, which is known as United States of America, is the capital of Washington DC. This country is one of the most developed countries in the world, so let’s know important information about America.

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Important information about America gay – Important Information about the America gay


Mohit gaur

October 16, 2018



Usa gay WhatsApp group link
Usa gay WhatsApp group link

America, which is known as United States of America, is the capital of Washington DC. This country is one of the most developed countries in the world, so let’s know important information about America – Important Information about the America

Important information about America – Important Information about the America

America was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492

The official date of the founding of the United States is 4 July 1776.

This country is divided into 50 states

America’s Parliament is called Congress

America is third in land area and fourth largest in the world in population.

The largest city in this country is New York.

The most populous city in America is New York City followed by Los Angeles and Chicago.

The most commonly spoken language in America is English and Spanish is spoken after it.

America has about 40% of the world’s total wealth

America has a capitalist mixed economy

The official currency of this place is the US dollar.

The area of ​​this country is 9161923 square kilometers

America’s national bird is the eagle

The national symbol of this country is the Golden Rod

In the US, no person can hold the post of President more than twice.

But Franklin D. Roosevelt was the only person who was President of the United States after four

The official residence of the President of America is called the White House

US Air Force ranks first in the world

Mount McKinley, located in the state of Alaska, is the highest mountain in the US, 20,320 feet (6,194 m) above sea level.

Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867 and is the largest state in the US by land area

Most of the world’s storms hit the Midwest region of the US known as Tornado Alley

The first person to reach the Moon was American Neil Armstrong, who reached the Moon on July 21, 1969.

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum is the most visited museum in the US

More than 9 million people come here every year

In the US, women got the right to vote in 1920.

The United States prohibited alcohol in the year 1919 with the 18th Amendment

It was legalized again in 1933 with the 21st amendment

Harvard University was the first university in the United States and was founded in 1636

The longest stone bridge in the world is Rockville Bridge in America, which was built in 1902, its total length is 3,820 feet.

The first zoo in America was opened in Philadelphia in 1874. Half of America’s population visit this zoo or aquarium each year.

The Statue of Liberty in New York City, USA is a gift given by the French to Americans on 4 July 1776 in commemoration of American independence


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Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka, has many names, as it has many facets to it. Popularly known as Garden City and Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, which was named Bangalore in the year 2006, it is one of the most important cities in India. It is the most important thing to be the leading IT hub of the country, providing information technology related services to the customers all over the world. Enjoying the exclusive benefits of being the capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore is the preferred destination for property investment. It is well connected to all other important cities of Karnataka by highways and well-constructed roads, served by a good network of public transport. Apart from an efficient railway network connected to the rest of India, Bangalore is also one of the few cities in India to have a rapid transit system within the city. Being a highly urbanized settlement, there are countless opportunities for entertainment that exist within the city. You will find malls and shopping centers in all parts of Bangalore, and there are many art galleries, theaters and auditoriums that host a wide variety of events throughout the year. Bangalore is also famous for its buzzing nightlife and music scene, and has a number of bars and pubs located on the city’s rsquo streets. Bengaluru has a growing population, most of which include entrepreneurs and professionals who live here for business and employment purposes. Due to the influx of resident population, the demand for real estate in Bengaluru has increased drastically as the city has It has been placed at the forefront of metropolitan cities in India. To know more about this shining star of the Deccan Plateau, click here

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Tamil is a Manmool whose main residence is in Tamil Nadu, India and northern Sri Lanka. Things related to the Tamil community are also called Tamil, for example, the people of Tamil and Tamil Nadu are also called Tamil. Tamil is a branch of the Dravidian caste.

Ancient texts like Manusahhita, Mahabharata etc. refer to the Dravidian country and the Dravidian caste. In Magadhi Prakrit or Pali, the word ‘Dravid’ became ‘Damilo’. Due to the same pronunciation of ta, sh, de etc. in the Tamil alphabet, ‘Damilo’ became ‘Tamilo’ or ‘Tamil’. The word ‘Dramil’ has come up in Shankaracharya’s physical commentary. A Chinese traveler named Huensang has also written to the Dravidian country by ‘chi-mo-lo’. According to Tamil grammar, the word Dramil means ‘Tirmid’. Nowadays some scholars are of the opinion that the word ‘Tirmid’ is ancient, due to which Sanskritians have coined the word ‘Dravid’. A treatise on the word ‘Dravid’ has been conceived in a treatise called ‘Shatrunjaya Mahatmya’ of the Jains. By the opinion of the above book, the land in which a son named ‘Dravid’ was given to Adi Tirthankar Rishabhdev, named ‘Dravid’. But it is known from ancient texts like India, Manushahita etc. that the country was named Dravid because of the residence of the Dravidian caste.

The Tamil caste is very ancient. Archaeologists believe that this caste is non-Aryan and lived in many parts of India before the arrival of Aryans. The people with whom Ramachandra had climbed Lanka with the help of the south and whom Valmiki wrote the monkey belonged to this caste. The Aryans must have called him a monkey because of his dark character, different shape and formidable language etc. Archaeologists speculate that the Tamil caste had acquired a lot of civilization even before the Aryan contact. The Tamils ​​were the kings of the people who lived by building forts. They used to count to a thousand. They made boats, small ships, bows, arrows, swords etc. and also knew how to weave a type of cloth. Except for color, lead and zinc, he also had knowledge of all metals. After the contact with the Aryans, they fully embraced the Aryan civilization. There is such a mass in the south that Agastya Rishi went to the south and taught many teachings to the residents there. Twelve-thirteen hundred years ago there was a great propagation of Jainism in the south. When the Chinese traveler Hunsang went to the south, he saw the primacy of the Digambara Jains there.

Tamil language literature is also very ancient. Poems up to two thousand years ago exist in Tamil language. But the alphabet is incomplete compared to the Nagari script. The pronunciation of each category of consonant except the resonant fifth character is the same. The pronunciation of a, b, c, d, four is the same. Due to this lack of consonants, the Sanskrit words used are distorted; For example, the word ‘Krishna’ in Tamil becomes ‘kittinan’. The main text of the Tamil language is the Kural poem by the poet Thiruvalluvar.

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Mumbai gay WhatsApp group link

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This came to the fore in the Pride Parade held in Mumbai on Saturday. These are the stories of four such gays who endured opposition but did not hesitate to accept the truth of their relationship.

In the conversation, they told us how they fell in love, how the secret of their relationship was revealed, if the housemates adopted it with a partner, then no one’s family is ready to talk till date.

There is no guilt-like feeling or fear behind all these stories. As if you all want to say the same thing, ‘Love is not a deal’.

‘Mother found out by email’

“I am lesbian and today I have come here to be part of the parade with my partner for nine years. I am from Bangalore and my partner from Goa, we both live here now. We met in college and fell in love. I I will call myself Jacobs and my partner Cheshire, because we do not want to let our true identity be revealed right now. Our families know about us, but it is not necessary to tell all the relatives. “

On how they came to know about their homosexual relationship at home, Jacobs said, “Our affair had begun and we had sent emails expressing love to each other.”

Jacobs told, “My mother knew my ID’s password and one day when I came from college, my mother was reading e-mail. There was a lot of ruckus, when my parents came to know this at Cheshire’s house, my parents Come home. “

She says, “They wanted us to swear and end the friendship, but we did not want to turn our back. Now the situation is fine in my house, but the people of Cheshire’s house still say that I have their daughter Is spoiled. “
Harish Vishwanathan’s mother Padma Vishwanathan had come to support her son and every family of that kind in the parade.

He told, “Son Harish’s habits were like girls from childhood. Then I did not pay much attention, but when growing up, Harish told that he was attracted to the boys, then his mother got scared. “

Padma said, “Harish was physically abused in childhood. I thought it was different because of that. I handled myself and sent him to a psychiatrist. “

She says, “I also met the doctor, later I understood that my son is different. It took time to really embrace, but after all, I am the mother. The mother and son of the family opposed us together. Finally Our faith and courage won. I also went to a talk with Harish in Gay Bombay where I met other mothers whose children were gay and my life became easier. I would say that my sons Who freed me frustrated ideas. ”

In the Pride Parade, Sheetal of Mumbai also came to participate with other lesbians. At the age of 17, Sheetal realized his homosexuality. Today she is 32 years old. Sheetal believes that this decision of the Supreme Court creates a feeling like being thrown out of his own country.

Sheetal’s parents are doctors and have an open mindset but they care about their daughter. Sheetal said, “To overcome the parents’ concern, I think that I should do the marriage of the connivance, from a gay boy who is pressured to marry his house.”

Parents are older. That is why Sheetal did not openly tell him about his homosexuality. Sheetal wants the Supreme Court to change its view so that she and other gays can live with pride.

Yes i’m gay no problem

Navneet and Moksha, who came from Ahmedabad to be a part of the Pride Parade, are a gay couple. According to Moksha Sharma, freedom is very important. This view of the court is not valid. However, this decision did not diminish his courage.

Moksha told, “We have faced opposition many times. If someone says something in the office, I say yes I am gay, there is no problem? Then no one speaks more. My homosexuality at home from my phone SMS Got to know, there was a lot of ruckus at home, but what can they do. “

Navneet has not yet talked about himself at home but he believes that he is going to know at some time, when it will be seen.

These stories indicate that homosexuals who raise their voice for their rights between discrimination and protest may not care about the law that way.

He has chosen his path and has decided to follow it. But the big question is whether these relationships will gain acceptance in the society openly?

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Avoid those ‘knowledgeable’ men who make some permanent assumptions about girls and then get involved in propagating those shagoofs. What girls think, what they want, how they laugh, what they eat and drink, the contract is the responsibility of everyone. Regarding girls, boys and girls themselves take this ‘stereotype’ in their mind and start thinking of it as a stone streak. Baba Tintin, the lover of lovers, believes that this baggage needs to be left behind in the new era.

These 16 misconceptions boys have about girls

  1. Speak a lot Dude: If you think that every girl is going to speak, then it only means that you have not been raised by girls who keep quiet or speak a balanced amount. There are also girls who know when, where and how much they have to say.
  2. Replay of makeup: Girls are teased even after seeing their moon-like appearance repeatedly. But there are many such girls, who without their make-up smile, have the ability to give coolness like rain even in hard sunlight.
  3. Come Sister Chugli: Hanging from the balcony of the houses or in the middle class, often girls are seen discussing social issues, which the world has named Chugli. In such a situation, we should not forget even those girls who keep their sorrows in mind.
  4. Hands tight in politics: After Alia Bhatt’s immense success of not knowing the name of the President, even before, girls are considered tight in politics. But at such a time, we forget the understanding of Malala Yousafzai and the speech given by Yugratna Srivastava of Lucknow School in the United Nations on the Green Climate.
  5. Shopping, Shopping, Shopping: Shopping is understood to be the biggest need for girls with boyfriends to reduce tension. Shopping bags are attached to their identity, hanging like a bag of ration in the hands of girls. But keeping a hand on the heart, the boys also have to remember that some girl must have bought the sweetest shirt and jeans for them.
  6. Loop in driving: People who take inspiration from Dhoom films do not consider girls to be better at driving. But in such a situation, we forget the space travel of Sunita Williams and Kalpana Chawla.
  7. Time to decorate: The entire moon is also seen after 30 days. But the minor world takes three to four hours to prepare for girls, and the world sees more time to decorate. But due to the beauty of the same girls, no one adds their friends to their family.
  8. It is important for the girl to be a cook: the way of the man’s heart passes through the stomach and if the girl has to do the work of reaching the heart, then it is necessary to cook it. If the girl does not know how to cook, it is counted among her childhood mistakes. But the boys do not think that apart from Maggie, they also know how to make something.
  9. Pink means girl: Those who see pink cheeks with pink dress believe that the favorite color of girls is pink. Hindi films and Archies Gallery contribute a lot to it. But in pink color, you see your sweetie in a beautiful black dress and also drool.
  10. Plenty of weeping: There is a connection of beauty and sentimentality. Perhaps this is why it is said about most girls that girls cry a lot. And if the same crying girl says to break the relationship, the boys themselves shed tears like Nirupa Roy.
  11. Poor to propose: Boys are responsible for expressing love. The most commonly stated statement of girls is how girls can propose. One should also pay attention to the fact that once you propose, the girls do the job of running the relationship for a long time and facing persistence like a child.
  12. Golgappa, chatter-patter: The fun of life is in sour and in this way most girls are seen enjoying life with sourness. These believers forget that taste of their own tongue, when they enter the wedding pandals, they pick up the Golgappa, Bhalla leaf.
  13. I Love This Taddy, Chocolate: Every girl likes to have a taddy like a mother-in-law’s grandmother by sticking it around her neck. Now, the boy has started saying to Gath that taddy and chocolate are the way to make a girl happy. But forget the centerfresh that you eat after smoking cigarettes.
  14. Today’s Cash Tomorrow Lending: Girls avoid paying bills in hotels, restaurants. Because of which the entire weight falls on the male side, if you think so too, then move towards your house, when you ask for money from your sister or best friend. If girls save money, they give it to you.
  15. Love not money: I do not want love money. It is said about girls that all girls have to marry only boys with money. In such a situation, my only question to the boys below BPL is whether you also do not want a job in a good package.
  16. Nonwave Jokes: Girls do not like nonwave jokes and many boys start thinking of nonwave jokes as their property and believe that girls are very fragile. But know that boys are not only entitled to non-jokes, some girls also like non-veg jokes.