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So guys i am hear with new blog, in today blog i am sharing you latest YouTube WhatsApp group link so guys join this group and increase your YouTube subscribe and Watch time and .

So guys hear is the YouTube WhatsApp group link

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My YouTube
Sub4sub YouTube
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Our YouTube family
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Only Youtuber
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(1) India limited YouTube

(2) we are youtuber

(3) you don’t my subscribe

(4) YouTube is love

(5) we are youtuber

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Rules to join this group

Only Youtuber
And only who have YouTube channel
Only active member
Only who use mobile and Android

Some information about group

WhatsApp group link
WhatsApp group link

What is youtube

What is YouTube – You must be using YOUTUBE daily, after Google YOUTUBE is a website that is most used, it is the second website in the world which is most viewed. But have you ever tried to find out how the name YOUTUBE got and what it means. Today in this post we will try to know this.

You must have also searched what YouTube is and you have come to the same result that you mean you, you, you, and TUBE means test TUBE. But it is not so, the literal meaning of TUBE is correct, but in the name YOUTUBE, it does not mean test TUBE at all, we also tried to find it on different places and different websites, then it came to know that YOUTUBE is just a name. But why do we know this name?

While searching what YouTube is, we came across a query website where we succeeded to some extent as to what tube means in youtube and why this website was named youtube. You must have understood the meaning of you or you must have come, you = you, you, you but tube means TV, ie youtube means “Your TV”.

According to an English dictionary, around 1942, cathode ray rays were adjusted and collected into a tube so that the film could be viewed on a screen. As you might know, earlier CRT monitors of computers used to come. Even today some people use CRT monitor. If we look at the full form of CRT in one way, then it consists of three words. C = cathode, R = Ray and T = Tube i.e. Cathode Ray Tube. The word tube was used in this monitor.

At that time some people used to call tube as TV. That is, a tube on which movies can be displayed with the help of science.

Now the name of youtube must have been done keeping this in mind, that means youtube means your TV where you have your control. On which you can display your own made videos. And others can also see. Today youtube has made a good place in the whole world. youtube Google has its own platform where information is displayed through video.

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Guys if you need more WhatsApp group link so guys please you buddy share your WhatsApp group link in comment box so that I am sharing, and guys YouTube is a very big platform and YouTube is currently 1B+ download and many many users earnings lot of money use YouTube . So guys hope i am sharing and learning you about youtube and group link.