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Canada girls WhatsApp group link
Canada girls WhatsApp group link

Some information about Canada WhatsApp group link.

Let’s know interesting facts about Canada. Canada is also called Mini Punjab because many people from Punjab state of India have migrated to Canada. Going to Canada, you will not feel that you have come to some unknown country, but you will find a large number of Indians there.

You will be surprised to know that every year about 30000 people from India settle in Canada. There are many things about Canada that will surprise you, so let us also tell you some similar things about Canada which you are probably unaware of even today.
Interesting facts about Canada

  1. Canada is named after the word “Kanata” which means “village”.
  2. Canada has the largest number of lakes in the world.
  3. Canada is the most read country in the world in terms of literacy. You will be surprised to know that more than 50% of the population here is college degree holders.
  4. Canada has no match in terms of military strength. This can be gauged from the fact that America invaded Canada in 1775 and 1812, but both of them defeated America.
  5. Canada has the third largest oil reserves in the world.
  6. Canada is the country with the lowest gravity in the world.
  7. Canada has a national park and you will be surprised to know that this national park is bigger than the whole of Switzerland.
  8. Do you know there was only one Canadian who invented basketball.
  9. The highest number of polar bears in the world are found in Canada, for your information, tell us that there are around 25,000 polar bears in the whole world and out of these 15,500 are in Canada only.
  10. If all the forests of Canada are merged, then Japan, Italy, Cambodia, France, Germany, Cameroon, South Korea, Uruguay and England can contain all these.
  11. Canada gets so cold that the sea water also freezes and people play hockey on it.
  12. You will be surprised to know that you can neither kill nor sell and buy mice in Canada, it is illegal to do so.
  13. You might feel a bit strange to know, but Canada’s official number is 1-800-0-CANADA.
  14. You will be surprised to know that 80.5% of Canadian households have an internet connection.
  15. It is illegal in Canada to take a snake to a public place. Hopefully aware but interesting facts about Canada that you will like this information and will prove beneficial for you.

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Do you know what this WhatsApp is and how it is used? I will try to give information about WhatsApp in Hindi. If you have been using the Internet for some time and you have a little knowledge about the Internet, then you must have heard about this new messaging app WhatsApp. With this, you must also have thought about what it is and why it is so popular. How can you use it with this, etc.

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You will be surprised to hear, but WhatsApp has been mech for many years, in 2009 it was designed by two employees of yahoo company, when they gave an interview on Facebook, they were rejected from there. Later, with the help of a Russian coder, both the founders of WhatsApp Brian Acton and Jan Koum refine the communication app further and included better features so that people liked it more than the traditional messaging service. The rest of us know how it became the most downloaded app in Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. Today I decided to write a post with many more interesting things so that you people can get the complete information of WhatsApp, whatsappbhabi. Tenacity then start without delay and know the information of WhatsApp in Hindi.
WhatsApp is such a free messaging app with the help of which any user can send a message to their friends or family members with the help of internet. So you do not have to pay for messaging anyone. Now you can do a lot of things like photos, documents, voice messages and video calls along with messages.

This messenger is better than the old traditional messaging service because it has end-to-end encryption so that no other person can see your messages, photos and videos. So it is more secure than them. WhatsApp is more popular due to these excellent features. If you want to download WhatsApp then you can go to WhatsApp’s website. There you will find a link to Android, iPhone and Windows Computer.

What is WhatsApp?
WhatsApp is an instant messaging application. It is available in Android, iOS, Windows and Web versions. With this help, you can send messages, video calls, voice calls and your files.

History of whatsapp
The story behind the creation of this very popular app is as interesting as this app. Its two founders Brian Acton and Jan Koum together formed this app in 2009. But there was still some improvement in it, due to which they did not think it right to bring it to the market. But then he made a lot of improvement with the help of a Russian coder, due to which WhatsApp became a user friendly messaging app.

So let’s first listen to the story of the makers of this app which is also very inspiring. Jan Koum who was born in a very simple family. He was born in 1976 in a small village in Ukraine. His father worked in a construction company that used to make schools and hospitals, while the mother was a housewife. Koum studied mathematics and computer science at Sun Jose State University.

Brian Acton’s childhood was spent in central florida. Later he did his graduation in computer science in 1994 from stanford university. After joining degree, he first joined a software engineer at Apple company, later joined Yahoo in 1996. The main idea of ​​WhatsApp came to Koum while he was watching a movie. Why did they think that such an app should be made so that free messages can be sent to friends about any film. Later, he told this idea to his friend Brian who did not find it practical at first but later he also showed interest in it. And later he made this app.

WhatsApp Features
If seen, compared to other messgaing apps, WhatsApp has many such features that make it better than others. So today we will know about this, after all what is the features of WhatsApp that make it different from others.

  1. Text
    Simple and Reliable Messaging
    Through this you can message your friends and family for free. For this, WhatsApp uses the Internet connection of the phone to send messages so that users do not have to pay SMS fees.
    To stay in touch with Groups
    Through this feature, you can now get in touch with about 256 people simultaneously like your family members, coworkers etc. Through this group chats, you can share messages, photos, and videos together with 256 people. With this, you can also give a name to these groups, mute and also customize its notification with it.
  3. Used in WhatsApp WEB and DESKTOP
    Do not let your conversation stop
    Now you can use WhatsApp in web and desktop also, you can easily sync all your chats with computer so that you can easily use your chat from whichever device you want. For this, you have to use the desktop app and to use WhatsApp Web, you can visit the and use it.
  4. WhatsApp VOICE and VIDEO CALLS
    Talk comfortably Freely
    Now with voice calls, you can talk with your family and friends for free, even if it is not in another country. And with free video calls, you can have face-to-face conversations when you do not have much voice or text. WhatsApp’s voice and video calls use your phone’s Internet connection, so you no longer need any voice plan of your mobile and will not have to care about their high prices.
    Security by default
    Since there are many users who share a lot of their personal moments in WhatsApp, end-to-end encryption has been made so that no other person can see it. When your messages are encrypted end-to-end, then your messages and calls become very secure and only the person to whom you are sending these messages can read and hear it. That’s why WhatsApp is very secure.
    You can share your best moments
    You can instantly send your photos and videos to someone else in WhatsApp. You can capture your moments with the built-in camera of your phone. Photos and videos can be easily shared in WhatsApp, despite having a slow connection.
    You can speak what came to your mind
    Sometimes we do not feel like writing, or I can say a lot from our voice, that’s why the voice message feature of WhatsApp comes in very handy which can record your voice messages in a single tap and immediately it can also send
    Document can also be sharing easily
    You can easily send PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, slideshows and much more from here, where you do not need any email and file sharing apps. You can send any document up to 100 MB. Is WhatsApp Free?
    Yes WhatsApp Messenger is absolutely free. Internet is used to send messages in WhatsApp. Therefore, there is no need to pay any subscription fees to any users for this, especially this messaging app is the most popular worldwide. Other important options of WhatsApp are also like:
    Group Chat: Like I have already said that with the help of group chat how can you interact with a lot of people at the same time.
    WhatsApp Web: You can send and receive WhatsApp messages directly with the help of your computer.
    No Usernames and Pins: Once registered, you will not have to remember the username and PIN. WhatsApp integrates well with your phone so that it easily connects to the address book in your phone.
    Always be logged in: This is a very big feature of WhatsApp so that you will not have to login again and again, you will never be denied any notification.
    Connecting soon: WhatsApp has this feature, which separates the WhatsApp number from your contacts, so that you will not have to search the contact list of the big address book.
    With this you can share your location with the help of WhatsApp, you can set custom wallpapers, exchange contacts, you can do many things like this. How to register in whatsapp
    If you want to sign up in WhatsApp for the first time then you have to follow these steps: – 1) First of all, your phone number has to be entered. 2) Then you will receive a confirmation code in a text message. 3) Your account will be created as soon as you enter it. 4) Then you can set user name. 5) You can also set Profile Pic. 6) In this way, you can use WhatsApp in your phone. I sincerely hope that I have given you complete information about WhatsApp and I hope you guys have understood about what is WhatsApp. I request all of you readers that you too should share this information in your neighborhood, relatives and friends, so that there will be awareness among us and it will benefit everyone. I need your support so that I can convey more new information to you. It has always been my endeavor that I always help my readers or readers from all sides, if you people have any doubt of any kind, then you can ask me irresponsibly. I will definitely try to solve those Doubts. Do you know this article in WhatsApp in Hindi? Tell us how you felt by writing a comment so that we too have a chance to learn from your ideas and improve something. To show your happiness and enthusiasm towards my post, please share this post on social networks such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter etc.

WhatsApp Group’s complete information : If you use whatsapp then this post is just for you. When we join new in this, then a question comes to mind that how to create a whatsapp group? When we learn how to make it, our group feels the need of an assistant to manage it. So they want to know how to create 2 admin or multiple admin in a whatsapp group? How to make group rules?

Important information related to whatsapp group is being shared here, which a group owner must know. You read this post completely, in this, a lot of work is being given for whatsapp group admin.

Friends, along with forming whatsapp group, we should also come to manage it well. There are many members in groups. It is the responsibility of the group administrator to handle everything i.e. to make rules of whatsapp group. A visitor had mailed me his trouble. I was a very popular group. But one member removed me from the group and took my group. 4

In this post, you will also be told important things to be alert of similar unknown problems. Efforts will be made to provide you with all the necessary information and features of whatsapp for better operation of whatsapp group.

Complete information related to Whatsapp group (Pro Guide)
Here you are being given information about creating whatsapp group from member add OR remove. Also, important information will also be given for groups, which you must know.

How to make whatsapp group
Let’s get started. First of all, we will know how to create a wahtsapp group. If you have already made it, then you can move to the next topic.

To create a group, first go to the menu option (3 dots in the top right side) and click on new group.

How to add member (member) in whatsapp group
After creating the group, you will also need to add members later. So you also need to know this. to add members –

Open whatsapp group.
Go to the menu option (3 dots in the top right side).
next you have to go to group info.
Now you will get the option of Add participants. Click here, you can add anyone you want to add to your contacts.

In this way, we can add new members to our group whenever we want.

How to make Invite link of Whatsapp group
This is an easy way to add mebers to Whatsapp group. We can join anyone through link by creating invite link of our group.

For this, open your group.
Click on the menu option.
now go to group info> add participants.
Now you will get the option of Invite to group via link at the top.

How to remove a member from Whatsapp group
It is also an important part of the Whatsapp Group. Your groups will have many members. And your WhatsApp group will also have rules about which type / subject can be posted in your group. What else can not be posted.

It is the responsibility of the Group Admin to follow all the members of the group. But you will also find many members who post away from the subject even after repeated instructions. It is necessary to remove such members from the group.

For this, open your group.
Go to the menu option (3 dots in the top right side).
Now click on group info.
Here you will get a list of all the members of your group.
Now long press (long press on) the member you want to remove.
Now you will get many options. In this, you can remove that member very easily by clicking on the option of Remove.

How to create an admin in Whatsapp group?
Group Admin means the responsibility of the entire group. Making all members follow the ruls of the group, add / remove members etc. For all this, the administrator will have to stay mostly online. Only then will be able to fulfill all these responsibilities well.

But it is not possible for a person. So what to do? For this, group admin can make his assistant admin. That is, the power to manage a group can be given to any member of its group. Whoever makes you the co-admin of your group will get all the power you have got.

For this, open your group.
Go to group info.
Here you will find a list of all the members. Now long press on whoever you want to become an admin.
Now you will get many options. In this, you have to select the option of make group admin.

How to protect useful information in whatsapp group
This is a big problem, whatsapp group. We mostly add to groups. There will also be many important posts which you may need in future. But no matter how tough the WhatsApp group rules are today, you cannot avoid useless posts.

The important post among all these is lost somewhere. Being upset with meaningless posts, we clear the entire chats of the group. In this case, your important post also becomes clear which was important.

Its solution is whatsapp’s star features. For this, such posts in the group which can be useful in future, have to be starred.

To put a star on the post, do a long press on the post.
Then tap the star icon at the top.

In this way, as soon as an important post comes in your whatsapp group, put a star on it. Now if you clear the chat of your group, then the option of keep starred messages will be checked. Leave it as a check mark and clear it.

In this way all the unwanted posts of the groups will be cleared and all your important posts on which you put star will be saved only. If you want to remove star icon from a post –

simple long press on that post.
Then you can remove it by clicking on the star icon above.
In this way we can manage the posts of groups very easily by using the star icon feature and keep important posts safe.

You can also see all the starred messages in one place. For this –

Go to whatsapp’s homepage.
On clicking on the menu option, you have to click on the option for starred messages.
All the posts that starred here will meet together.
How to get out of Whatsapp group ie how to take left
You will also be connected in many groups. Many people add and form a group of purposeless people. So there are many groups in which only time paas messages will come. If you are also troubled by any group, then you can remove from such groups.

For this, open the group from which you want to remove.
Go to menu option. Go to next group info.
Now you can take the left from the group by clicking on the option of Exit group at the bottom.