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Kolkata (Bengali: কলকাতা, Formerly: Calcutta) is the capital of West Bengal, situated on the left bank of the Hooghly River, 180 km off the top coast of the Bay of Bengal. It is the second largest metropolis of India and the fifth largest port. The population here is 2 crores 29 lakhs. [2] The history of this city is very ancient. The development of its modern form is linked to the history of colonialism of the British and France. Today’s Kolkata has many stories of modern India’s history. While the city has been recognized as the starting point of India’s educational and cultural changes, on the other hand it is also recognized as a stronghold of the communism movement in India. This city of palaces is also known as ‘City of Joy’.

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Kolkata is also known as the ‘Gateway to Eastern India’ due to its excellent location. It is connected to various parts of the country by railways, airways and roadways. It is the main traffic center, wide market distribution center, education center, industrial center and trade center. Ajaybhaghar, Zoolkhana, Birla Tarmandal, Howrah Bridge, Kalighat, Fort William, Victoria Memorial, Vigyan Nagi etc. are the main scenic spots. Most of the jute factories in India are located on both sides of the Hooghly river near Kolkata. Apart from this, motor vehicle manufacturing factories, cotton-textile industries, paper-industries, various types of engineering industries, shoe-making factories, hosiery industries and tea sales centers are located. Kolkata has a great importance as a major commercial center of Purvanchal and entire India.

kolkata girl whatsapp number:-

Name:- Dipa majhe
City:- Kolkata
Age:- 23
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Name:- Dipale roy
City:- kolkata
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Name:- Reya mondal
Age:- 26
City:- Kolkata
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Name:- Rakhi das
Age:- 25
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Name:- Mitu chodwhary
Age:- 28
City:- Kolkata
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Name:- Rimpa roy
Age:- 25
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Name:- Punem
Age:- 30
City:- Kolkata
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Name:- Rakhi das
Age:- 7543267976
City:- Kolkata
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Name:- Monmun bala
Age:- 22
City:- Kolkata
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30 interesting facts about girls Kolkata

In our life we ​​need a life partner who lives with us and we choose one of our spouse for this and sometimes we marry him or we understand him everything after marriage. And even before marriage, but many times some such problem arises in our midst due to which we fight with them and many times there is a fight in front of them which you never want. Te is and because of this the girl also cries a lot and you also feel so bad at times that what you have said but if you take care of some things that the girl should never forget or that things are bad for the girl Might be possible

kolkata girl whatsapp number:-
kolkata girl whatsapp number:-

So maybe you can avoid these minor problems because girls never want to hear bad about themselves, so you always try to keep the girl happy even if you have to do something for her because there are some such things about girls. Which she cannot hear and she can also fight with you, then you need to take care of these things very much if you do not take care of those things You will probably always have such a mistake among you and it will hurt you a lot if you want to keep your girlfriend happy with your wife, then today we will tell you some facts in this post, which you can probably use these small problems. If you use this thing, then we will tell you such things that are about the girls.

So this fight may not be a minor problem in your midst if you want to see the girl happy, then always praise her, first of all tell her that you are very good and you are very beautiful. There are other kinds of things that we have told you now in this post, so you read this post thoroughly and carefully because in today’s world, those things are used the most Materials we are and we are of course for every single moment

Some Amazing & Weird facts, Unbelievable Facts about girls in hindi

  1. If you really love a girl, then tell her about your future plans, they will have more faith in you that you love them genuinely and want to be with them forever.
  2. The boys do not like being with their boyfriend’s X GF.
  3. Girls are very good detectives
  4. If you want to keep your girlfriend happy, then she must know what she likes and what she feels bad.
  5. If the girl wants you to be with her then she will not tell you that you will have to feel for yourself what she wants.
  6. If a girl breaks her heart, she can never be the same.
  7. If you ignore your girlfriend then you will get angry very soon
  8. Girls want to spend more and more time with their boyfriends and talk to them.
  9. If your GF hates anything, you should never talk about it.
  10. If the girls forgive very quickly, then never take advantage of this and keep their faith.
  11. Many times girls don’t even know what they want
  12. Girls are very good at listening to themselves and if their mood is bad then if they talk good about them, their mood gets fixed.
  13. Girls always think that they can look more beautiful. Even if it is already very beautiful.
  14. They do not like comparing girls to any other girl
  15. If the girls want anything, they will say in most gestures, not by speaking.
  16. When a boy walks by holding his GF’s hand, he likes it
  17. If a girl is flirting with another boy in front of her boyfriend, it does not mean that there is something in their midst, they can only be good friends. There is nothing to be angry about it.
  18. If the girl wants to meet a boy’s family, then she should understand that she is serious about her relationship.
  19. If a girl goes for a walk with one boy instead of all her friends, then there is definitely something special in it.
  20. Girls never like to talk about their ex-boyfriends
  21. When girls have a bad mood, they will at least talk.
  22. If a girl loves someone very much, she would not like to tell him but would like that boy to know himself.
  23. Girls like surprise and gifts and on a special occasion, they hope that you give them a gift
  24. When you take advice from a girl, they like it very much, they think you are very fond of them.
  25. Girls know the truth no matter what they are asking.
  26. Girls always want their boyfriend to look different.
  27. Girls are afraid of making love because they feel that they should not be cheated.
  28. Girls want you to ask them only about them and do not make any talk about them according to you.
  29. If your girlfriend does not like to hear anything wrong about her ex-boyfriend, it means that there is still something in her heart.
  30. The girl thinks too much no matter how small.

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Name:- Monika roy
Age:- 20
City:- kolkata
WhatsApp number:- 7654321908

Name:- Bizili roy
Age:- 21
City:- Kolkata
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kolkata girl whatsapp number:-


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