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Mumbai gay whatsapp group link:–

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Mumbai gay WhatsApp group link
Mumbai gay WhatsApp group link

Mumbai gay WhatsApp group link and a love story

This came to the fore in the Pride Parade held in Mumbai on Saturday. These are the stories of four such gays who endured opposition but did not hesitate to accept the truth of their relationship.

In the conversation, they told us how they fell in love, how the secret of their relationship was revealed, if the housemates adopted it with a partner, then no one’s family is ready to talk till date.

There is no guilt-like feeling or fear behind all these stories. As if you all want to say the same thing, ‘Love is not a deal’.

‘Mother found out by email’

“I am lesbian and today I have come here to be part of the parade with my partner for nine years. I am from Bangalore and my partner from Goa, we both live here now. We met in college and fell in love. I I will call myself Jacobs and my partner Cheshire, because we do not want to let our true identity be revealed right now. Our families know about us, but it is not necessary to tell all the relatives. “

On how they came to know about their homosexual relationship at home, Jacobs said, “Our affair had begun and we had sent emails expressing love to each other.”

Jacobs told, “My mother knew my ID’s password and one day when I came from college, my mother was reading e-mail. There was a lot of ruckus, when my parents came to know this at Cheshire’s house, my parents Come home. “

She says, “They wanted us to swear and end the friendship, but we did not want to turn our back. Now the situation is fine in my house, but the people of Cheshire’s house still say that I have their daughter Is spoiled. “
Harish Vishwanathan’s mother Padma Vishwanathan had come to support her son and every family of that kind in the parade.

He told, “Son Harish’s habits were like girls from childhood. Then I did not pay much attention, but when growing up, Harish told that he was attracted to the boys, then his mother got scared. “

Padma said, “Harish was physically abused in childhood. I thought it was different because of that. I handled myself and sent him to a psychiatrist. “

She says, “I also met the doctor, later I understood that my son is different. It took time to really embrace, but after all, I am the mother. The mother and son of the family opposed us together. Finally Our faith and courage won. I also went to a talk with Harish in Gay Bombay where I met other mothers whose children were gay and my life became easier. I would say that my sons Who freed me frustrated ideas. ”

In the Pride Parade, Sheetal of Mumbai also came to participate with other lesbians. At the age of 17, Sheetal realized his homosexuality. Today she is 32 years old. Sheetal believes that this decision of the Supreme Court creates a feeling like being thrown out of his own country.

Sheetal’s parents are doctors and have an open mindset but they care about their daughter. Sheetal said, “To overcome the parents’ concern, I think that I should do the marriage of the connivance, from a gay boy who is pressured to marry his house.”

Parents are older. That is why Sheetal did not openly tell him about his homosexuality. Sheetal wants the Supreme Court to change its view so that she and other gays can live with pride.

Yes i’m gay no problem

Navneet and Moksha, who came from Ahmedabad to be a part of the Pride Parade, are a gay couple. According to Moksha Sharma, freedom is very important. This view of the court is not valid. However, this decision did not diminish his courage.

Moksha told, “We have faced opposition many times. If someone says something in the office, I say yes I am gay, there is no problem? Then no one speaks more. My homosexuality at home from my phone SMS Got to know, there was a lot of ruckus at home, but what can they do. “

Navneet has not yet talked about himself at home but he believes that he is going to know at some time, when it will be seen.

These stories indicate that homosexuals who raise their voice for their rights between discrimination and protest may not care about the law that way.

He has chosen his path and has decided to follow it. But the big question is whether these relationships will gain acceptance in the society openly?

Mumbai gay WhatsApp group link

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