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Tamil is a Manmool whose main residence is in Tamil Nadu, India and northern Sri Lanka. Things related to the Tamil community are also called Tamil, for example, the people of Tamil and Tamil Nadu are also called Tamil. Tamil is a branch of the Dravidian caste.

Ancient texts like Manusahhita, Mahabharata etc. refer to the Dravidian country and the Dravidian caste. In Magadhi Prakrit or Pali, the word ‘Dravid’ became ‘Damilo’. Due to the same pronunciation of ta, sh, de etc. in the Tamil alphabet, ‘Damilo’ became ‘Tamilo’ or ‘Tamil’. The word ‘Dramil’ has come up in Shankaracharya’s physical commentary. A Chinese traveler named Huensang has also written to the Dravidian country by ‘chi-mo-lo’. According to Tamil grammar, the word Dramil means ‘Tirmid’. Nowadays some scholars are of the opinion that the word ‘Tirmid’ is ancient, due to which Sanskritians have coined the word ‘Dravid’. A treatise on the word ‘Dravid’ has been conceived in a treatise called ‘Shatrunjaya Mahatmya’ of the Jains. By the opinion of the above book, the land in which a son named ‘Dravid’ was given to Adi Tirthankar Rishabhdev, named ‘Dravid’. But it is known from ancient texts like India, Manushahita etc. that the country was named Dravid because of the residence of the Dravidian caste.

The Tamil caste is very ancient. Archaeologists believe that this caste is non-Aryan and lived in many parts of India before the arrival of Aryans. The people with whom Ramachandra had climbed Lanka with the help of the south and whom Valmiki wrote the monkey belonged to this caste. The Aryans must have called him a monkey because of his dark character, different shape and formidable language etc. Archaeologists speculate that the Tamil caste had acquired a lot of civilization even before the Aryan contact. The Tamils ​​were the kings of the people who lived by building forts. They used to count to a thousand. They made boats, small ships, bows, arrows, swords etc. and also knew how to weave a type of cloth. Except for color, lead and zinc, he also had knowledge of all metals. After the contact with the Aryans, they fully embraced the Aryan civilization. There is such a mass in the south that Agastya Rishi went to the south and taught many teachings to the residents there. Twelve-thirteen hundred years ago there was a great propagation of Jainism in the south. When the Chinese traveler Hunsang went to the south, he saw the primacy of the Digambara Jains there.

Tamil language literature is also very ancient. Poems up to two thousand years ago exist in Tamil language. But the alphabet is incomplete compared to the Nagari script. The pronunciation of each category of consonant except the resonant fifth character is the same. The pronunciation of a, b, c, d, four is the same. Due to this lack of consonants, the Sanskrit words used are distorted; For example, the word ‘Krishna’ in Tamil becomes ‘kittinan’. The main text of the Tamil language is the Kural poem by the poet Thiruvalluvar.

tamil gay whatsapp group link






tamil gay whatsapp group link

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