Do you know what Facebook is? There is hardly any online user who has not heard Facebook’s name before.

Many of us are Facebook users for many years, but even today there are people for whom this platform is completely new and unfamiliar. So it is important that they should be told about what is Facebook Messenger, what are its main features so that they can use it properly.

It is very important to know how Facebook works. Well, the simple answer is that its working is very simple which any user can understand. Any user who has a Facebook account can voluntarily connect with any user and can share content with them.

In this process, “Friend request” is sent by the user and which is later accepted by the receiver (recipient user). This friend request is like an invitation. This is a double-side feature that provides all users with this opportunity, so that they can accept friend request or not. It depends on them.

Since the beginning of Facebook, it has been growing all the time and more and more people are joining it. Apart from this, Facebook is always improving its mechanisms like privacy and content management so that the experience of the users is good. As of now, Facebook has more than 2.3 Billions registered Facebook users.

The reason for the increase in so many users are the great features of Facebook and also the pages that are constantly uploading quality content to Facebook. So today I thought, why not give people full information about what Facebook is and how to run Facebook so that all new and old users get to learn a lot from it. So let’s start without delay.

Facebook is a very popular and free social networking website. It allows its registered users to create profiles, upload photos and videos in them, send messages and stay in touch with their friends, family and colleagues. This site is absolutely free to use, and it is available in about 37 different languages ​​to use.

Facebook information in hindi

  1. Marketplace – By using this, members can post, read and respond to classified ads.
  2. Groups – Members of this group can interact with each other who share any common interests. In such groups, they can talk about common interest. These Groups are either public and then private. Everyone can join in public, only in private you can join only after getting invite.

   Events – They allow members to publicize an event, to invite guests, and to track who is going to attend.

  1. Pages – They allow one public page to be created and promoted around a specific topic to create and promote members.
  2. Technology’s presence – This allows members to see which of their contacts are online with whom they can chat. With this you can stream live video which is called Facebook Live. History of facebook – when did facebook start
    In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, who were then students at Harvard University, then designed a web site that students could use to stay in touch with each other, where they share all their photos So that we can meet and meet new people as well. He named this website, and it was also very popular at Harvard Campus at that time. He had created a website whose main intention was to create an online directory of all new students in the university. At that time the membership of this website was only with Harvard Students. But in a very short time, its popularity became so much that other college students also had to include it. At the same time, within 1 year, the total number of Facebook users reached 1 million. Later its membership became open to all those whose age is more than 13. According to Facebook’s Press Room, this social networking site has more than 100 million active users. Facebook is a privately owned company headquartered in Palo Alto, California, USA. Mark Zuckerberg, when he was 24 and a Harvard drop-out, was ranked 785 in Forbes magazine’s list of billionaires, then his net worth was approximately $ 1.5 billion. If you have not yet joined Facebook, then you must be feeling a bit different, because they will often use words like likes, posts, hashtags, updating status. But it is not a matter of sorrow because there are many terms and phrases which are used in ‘Language of Facebook’. By the way, all these words were previously used in dictionary, but now Facebook has changed the purpose of those words. Warning: These words can be a little confusing initially, but knowing about it once, you will not have any more trouble. Status Update: These are text based posts that can describe the mood of the user, along with thoughts, or any other thing you can share them with your friends. Timeline: It is like a page in all profile. Here you can share your information such as your pictures, basic information such as favorite books, entertainment shows, celebrity etc. News Feed: You can think of this combination of your status and timeline of your friends. News Feed shows you updates of your friends and whatever recent posts are Facebook pages or groups that you follow. This is where you spend the most time. Like: If you have liked a post, whether it is from a friend, or from a page or a group, you can like or dislike that post. With this you can directly reach those posts. If you enjoyed and want to reach on the profiles of your friends then you choose to Like or Dislike the post. Tag: In this you can mark your friends for any picture or status that you feel is relevant, which you want to upload in your timeline. These again appear in your friends’ timeline and also in their newsfeed. Apart from this, they also get a notification that they have been tagged by someone. If you want, you can also remove these tags or keep them. Notification: You can also call them Facebook update, where you will get to know about whom you interacted with or participated in any events and occasions in Facebook. In this, even if you react somewhere or comment someone, you still get a notification. How to run facebook
    Facebook is designed primarily for college students. Therefore its primary users are students only. So let’s now know about some basic features of facebook:
  3. It uses a profile picture for identity.
  4. There is contact information and About You space to increase your identity with each other.
  5. Wall – This is a place where your friends can post publicly comments (a digital bulletin board)
  6. Status update – This is a tab where you tell your friends about yourself and what you are doing.
  7. News Feed – There are regular information updates in this topic about your friends, groups that you joined, applications or friends that those people added, along with that if anyone changed anything in their profiles, then that feed I can see.
  8. This is a space that is used for uploading photos and videos. But Facebook has many other features that you can not see in any other social software sites, they are also customizable and you can add as many applications as you want. Along with this Facebook also adds many such features from time to time, which you can easily use in your profile. How to delete facebook account
    Let’s know today how you can delete Facebook account.
    Once you delete your Facebook account, it means that your account will be deleted forever. Then later, even after trying, you will not be able to bring it back, nor will you ever be able to open it. Whereas if you deactivate facebook account then it is temporary delete, while you can recover it from back. If you really want to delete Facebook account then click on this link below – Delete My Account: – Delete facebook Once you clicked on this link and confirmed for the deletion process, then your account will be deleted forever. Procedure to delete Facebook Account: –
    When you press delete link, you are asked for account password. At the same time, you will also be given information that if you do not log your ID for 14 days, then your account will be closed Permanently. At the same time, if you click on it, then your account will be closed immediately. Therefore, before clicking delete once before deleting, understand the thinking well. Note Whereas if you feel that you have deleted your account by mistake or in anger, then you can log back in with the same ID / Password within 14 days of deleting the account, you can start your account back. What is Social Networking and its types
    Social networking means setting up a network with other people using social media. That’s why social services take advantage of many social software tools to create online places where people can meet with each other, share photos and videos with each other, send messages, play games. And can do many things that most people like to do. Wikipedia has divided social networks into three primary types:
  9. Sites in which there is only one specific category directory. (Eg former classmates)
  10. Sites in which you can connect with your friends and fans (which often uses customizable profile pages)
  11. Sites that rely solely on recommender systems that are linked to trust (as happens in professional networking) Facebook comes in the second type of social networking services. What does waving on facebook mean?
    Facebook has a waving feature. It is used to start a conversation with a new person. In this, a user waves another user into the messenger, that means to wave a hand, to greet. This is a sign that you want to talk to them further. What does 1k mean on whatsapp facebook?
    If I talk about Whatsapp or Facebook, then 1k used in it means 1 thousand. Often we see 1k likes in a photo on Facebook, which means that 1 thousand people have liked that photo. Facebook and Networking
    Facebook is such a thing that you can use it as you like. This means that it can become a serious professional tool for you, a lover can be a place of joking, an entertainment place, or a combination of both. Ultimately, you have complete control in this, what would you like to add to your profile and with whom you want to share it. Facebook is a very valuable networking tool – as more and more “adult-users” are joining Facebook, then there is a possibility to connect with other similar professionals who have the same interest as you. With this, you can rise higher by helping one and the other. With this Facebook can become a very useful resource for staff in a large organization. With the help of applications such as Events, Photos and Videos, networks can communicate with each other more easily which is much easier than email. Many professional and academic organizations are also present in Facebook and they play different roles according to their types in Facebook. While some target only individuals, some target a large community, some are location specific and some are event specific. Facebook helps to expand awareness of your networking opportunities. As soon as a Facebook friend joins groups and declare that he is a fan of that organization, then you do this, you will get notification through Facebook News Feed. With this, you can search those people and groups who share the same interest as you. Discussion There are other applications in Boards, Walls and such like in Facebook which provide you a lot of opportunity to share. Facebook and Fun
    Facebook is full of many fun things like many different types of games, videos, links, apps. It has to be believed that due to the social nature of Facebook, I have a lot of applications when they are used with friends. If you ever feel that a friend has invited you to play the game, then you can ignore it. With this your response will not be shared with your friends. Like, you can also block all the applications that you don’t like. Always remember one thing that the use of Facebook is different for all people. While some use it for networking, some for socializing and some for academic. Some do it just for fun activities. Therefore we should respect all choices and use them as we feel right. What did you teach today?
    I hope I have given you complete information about what is Facebook and I hope you have understood about how to run Facebook. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments. With these ideas, you will get a chance to learn something and improve something.


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