You might have heard the stories of ordinary people earning on YouTube and thought “Hey, I can do this too!” Although earning thousands is not real, you can start earning money quickly, especially when your subscriber base is strong. Follow this guide to monetize your video and start making money from those YouTube ads. this is easy!

Create Your YouTube Channel: Your channel is your personal presence on YouTube. There is a channel associated with each YouTube account. YouTube account is similar to a Google account, and after creating your YouTube account you will be able to use other Google products like Gmail and Drive.
Create your new account or use your existing account. Add keywords to help people find your channel. You can add keywords by navigating to the Advanced section of your channel settings. Make sure that your keywords fit the content of your channel.
Your username can work in your interest as well as against you. If it is small, easy to remember and real, then people will be easy to remember you. However, if you are using an existing account, then use it only. Changing your accounts will not help you.

Upload a video on YouTube: Try to upload videos that are of good quality and not too long. (This option may vary depending on what type of content you decide to upload) Also try to upload regularly and be consistent with your upload.
Even if your content is not very good in the beginning, stick with it. Practice makes perfect. Try to make each video better than the previous one. Often you learn by working.
Improve your content with the help of a better camera or better editing software or technology. Also, improve the way things are filmed. Use a tripod, seek the help of a friend or publish your scenes well. All this helps for a better end product, which helps you to get a better audience.
By regularly uploading you can keep a hold on your audience. If you put content on regular time and keep that schedule as regular as possible, then people are more likely to subscribe.
Make sure that you have tagged your video with keywords that describe your subject matter correctly and have also written an attractive description in it. With this help people will be able to access your videos in YouTube searches.

Increase your subscribers: Subscribers are important to increase your monetization. You need people to see your advertisement so that you can earn money from it. There is no one secret to getting more subscribers, just make the best content as you can and the audience will come automatically.
Keep uploading your video and try to attract people to watch it. Put your videos on Twitter and Facebook. Share this with people. Share it anywhere else on the Internet. All members are required to become a partner.
Interact with your audience by commenting on their comments and sometimes make videos directly related to their comments and questions. Connecting with your community will bring more members to that community

Earn from your video: To start making money on your video, you will need to enable monetization. This means that you are allowing YouTube to place advertisements in your videos. By this you also agree that there is no copyrighted material in your video.
You can monetize a video after uploading by clicking on the Monetization tab and then selecting the “Monetize with Ads” box.
To earn from your video, after it is uploaded, open your video manager and click on the “$” sign next to the video from which you want to earn money. Tick ​​the box “Monetize with Ads”.
Click on the channel and enable monetization.

Fulfill the conditions: To make money from YouTube, your channel should have at least 4,000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in the last 12 months.
As soon as you upload the video, you can monetize the video by going to the Monetization tab and clicking on the “Monetize with Ads” box.
To monetize the video after uploading, open the video manager and click on the “$” sign in front of the video you want to monetize.

Setup Google Adsense: You can setup Google Adsense for free by visiting the Adsense website. Click on the “Sign up now” button to start creating your account. You must be 18 years or older to create your account. If you are younger than that, then you will need an adult to help you.
You will need PayPal or a bank account and a valid mailing address as well as some other information so that Adsense can ensure who you are and whom to send money to. You earn money when the ad is clicked and every view gets a small amount, but it keeps increasing over time. That is why having an audience is a main requirement.

Check your analytics. Once your videos are online, monetized and viewed, you can check analytics to know their performance. Click the Analytics option in your channel menu. Here you can see your estimated revenue, ad performance, video views, demographics etc.
Using these tools, you can see how your content is impacting the audience. If you feel that you are not able to attract the right audience, then you can change your subject Vastu or marketing.

Advertise Your Video Elsewhere: Don’t just put your video on YouTube! Start a blog, create a website or post your videos on other videos or social media sites. The more views it gets, the better. By sharing the link or embedding your video on the internet, you are increasing the chances of its appearing and also to earn your money.

Become a YouTube Partner: YouTube Partners are YouTube members who have monetized videos with a large number of viewers. Partners get access to more content creation tools and can win prizes for their viewership. Partners have access to more community support and suggestions.
You can request a YouTube partnership page at any time from the YouTube partner page. To gain access to the most powerful partner program, you need 15,000 cumulative watch hours for your channel in the last 90 days.


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